Foret Blanc Patisserie @ Petaling Utama Avenue KL

Foret Blanc Patisserie has finally opened their physical store, in Petaling Utama Avenue Kuala Lumpur! So happy that one of our favourite online pastry shops famous for their exquisite customized cakes, creative entremets and so forth is riding on a new milestone! #Foret Blanc Unicorn Dessert Ice Cream

We were in hometown on the first day of their opening, and the next day when we back in KL, Summerkid was so excited to pay this new dessert shop a visit because we can’t wait to try out their “Unicorn” sweet treat. Haha, yes! This picture below! Adorable right! They also have Happy Polar Bear (*with Yogurt Lime Ice Cream RM24.50) and Mr Brown (*with Brown Butter Ice Cream RM22.50).

Berry Mallow Corn RM24.50

Lovely presentation aside, this Berry Mallow Corn certainly needs laborious effort to prepare. If you think that RM24.50 is too expensive, wait till you start indulging it. We do agree that it is not cheap, but definitely worth the price we paid for.

We initially think that is nothing more than just ice cream with meringue, berries, cake and macaron, all gather together for a plentiful dessert but we were totally wrong! We thought the strawberry is real fresh strawberry, but no. We expect the unicorn to be meringue and again, wrong. So much fun eating this.

Like a treasure hunt, we happily discover each ingredient one by one – Vanilla mascarpone ice cream, vanilla semifreddo, strawberry compote, sable crumbs, vanilla chantilly, strawberry and lime gelee, strawberry cheesecake cube, strawberry chocolate bon bon, lemon marshmallow unicorn horn, lemon diamond marshmallow, and meringue wing. Haha, we actually keep a Foret Blanc menu as checklist and tick off the ingredient one by one so that we know what we are having lol. Loud applause to their effort.

Not too sure when will we come back again because the shop is a little far from the place we stay, so we decided to order another dessert. Greedy but ya, we have sweet just let us have another cheat day to kill the coming Monday blue ok?

Banana Leaf Waffle RM24.90

Foret Blanc Banana Leaf Waffle is generous portion. Ideal to share between 2 to 3 pax. 4 pieces of chai spiced flavoured waffles, coconut ice cream, mango jelly with chilli, mango curry chantilly, balsamic rice vinegar crackers beautifully served on banana leaf. Western-Asian fusion touch, creative enough like sweet “Nasi Kandar”. LOL.

Waffle is more towards soft, chewy instead of airy crisp version, reminds us about Malaysia favourite street snack apam balik. Mango jelly with chopped chilli sounds interesting, quite alright in taste though.

What surprised us was the mango curry chantily. Smooth, creamy with faint hints of curry complement the tangy-sweet flavour of mango well.

Special thanks to Foret Blanc team for this currently off-menu Ballerina. Hollowed, sphere shape meringue, encasing homemade yuzu ice cream, served on a bed of green tea sable. We like this! Hopefully it will be on the menu soon!

The Yuzu ice cream is especially nice, refreshing and light, laced with pleasing aroma of yuzu. Highly recommended. #SmashToEatDessert

Pair your dessert with coffee, mocha; tea like Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Chamomile; or thirst quenchers for hot day such as Root Beer Float, Fizzy Lemonade, Fizzy Yuzu and Fizzy Passionfruit Mango.

Sugar-overloaded by the end of our too-heavy-teatime but it was worthwhile. Great desserts, baked by talented and passionate bakers lead to happy faces. =D

Photographer: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

Foret Blanc Patisserie

49G Jalan PJS1/50,
Petaling Utama Avenue
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: 1PM – 10PM (*Sat 1PM – 7PM, Mon closed)