Rayong Thai Restaurant Taman Desa KL: Cheap Thai Street Food

Just had Thai food last week at Moobaan Thai Taman Bukit Desa but the craving came back again in less than two weeks. LOL. Perhaps it was due to the raining season recently. Decided to check out Rayong Thai this time, also located in Taman Desa. Or, Taman Danau Desa to be exact. Somewhere near to Jemi Cafe and Await Cafe, our favourite coffee places in this area.

It is located just one door away from Riverboat, also a Thai restaurant famous for their salt bake fish. Both eateries were having brisk business when we arrived, so it is hard to tell which is better. Riverboat appears more like proper restaurant with wider food selections, and is non-halal. While for Rayong, it is more like street food dining, and is pork free.

Since there was only two of us, we thought might as well go for individual ala-carte choice at Rayong and save the varieties in Riverboat with the family next time. After all, Summerkid surprisingly didn’t ask for his favourite Moo Ping but just Tom Yum Soup that night. LOL.

Rayong Thai menu is fairly straightforward. One page of appetizer that lists out familiar Thai street food such as Thai Fish Cake, Pandan Chicken, Mango Salad, Papaya Salad, Seafood & Glass Noodles Salad abd Spicy Minced Chicken Salad.

Seafood Tomyum RM12/small

The rest are hot dishes where diners can choose to have in chicken or seafood – Green Curry Seafood or Green Curry Chicken; Chicken Tom Yum Soup or Seafood Tom Yum Soup; Omelette with Chicken or Omelette with Prawns, and more. There’s also Special Set priced at RM18.90/pax, putting together white rice, Thai fish Cafe, Lemongrass drink and Thai Cococnut Pudding Dessert. Complete 3-course meal hahaha.

We had a Pad Thai, Pineapple Fried Rice, Omelette and Seafood Tomyum.

Seafood Tomyum was fiery hot, probably the spiciest among the few Tom Yum we tried recently. So spicy that we ended up having upset stomach the next day but we still felt like going back again, because the tom yum is actually quite good. Spicy aside, it has a nice balance of sourness, herbs aroma, generously loaded with seafood.

Pad Thai RM9.90

Pineapple Fried Rice RM11.90

Our ala-carte dishes were quite delicious too, beyond expectation. Pad Thai was huge in portion, suitable for those looking for this Thai stir-fried noodles on sweet side. The size for Pineapple Fried Rice was more manageable, add an order of omelette or fried egg, you should feel full by then.

Omelette RM5.90

Omelette is highly recommended – thin and fluff with crispy edge. A little oily as expected.  Our plain version is nice enough, you can have with chicken or prawn. We were sitting in front of their opened kitchen, watching the chef skilfully flipped one omelette after another. So entertaining and after a while, we started asking each other: “How many omelette he has flipped in these years? So geng. Those eggs will end up on the floor if we were the cook. Ha-ha-ha. “

Total bill came to  ~RM47 with a glass of cold lemongrass drink at RM4. Quite reasonable though. Service is not bad, waiting time was short too despite the crowd.

Photographer: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

Rayong Thai Food Restaurant

19G Plaza Danau Desa 2,
Jalan 4/109F Taman Danau Desa.
Contact: 03 – 7971 4201
Opening Hours: 12PM – 11PM