Traders Hotel KL Citarasa Santapan Buffet with Free-Flow New Zealand Natural Ice Cream

Gobo Chit Chat at Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur is featuring Citarasa Santapan Buffet Dinner promotion from 26th May to 24th June 2017. Priced at RM125nett per adult from 26th May to 9th June 2017; and RM135nett from 10th June to 24th June 2017, buffet spread Citarasa Santapan  promises to satisfy diners’ palate with a wide selection of local and international delights.

Of all, Malay cuisine is highlighted section, featuring traditional dishes just like how Nenek will cook them, including Lemang Pulut Hitam, Ketupat, Serunding Daging, Kerabu Kaki Ayam, and Sengkuang Calit, Sup Gearbox, Roti Canai, Murtabak, Briyani stuffed in Bamboo and so forth.

Went for a preview of this buffet last week, and was glad with the awesome spread. Rest assured, the choices, quality and taste will make you feel the buffet is worth the price you pay for. Started with salad and appetiser – Kerabu Perut Utara, Kerabu Kerang, Gado-gado, Jeruk Betik Keping, Jeruk Buah Pala, Jeruk Anggur, Ikan Masin, Telur Masin, Ulam-ulaman with Sambal and Buah Kedondong.

Continued with hot dishes like Ayam Pedas Daing Tetel, Daging Gulai Kawah, Masak Lemak Kerang dengan Pucuk Paku, Kari Tulang Kambing, Masak Lemak Perut Rebung & Nangka, Sambal Udang with Petai, Asam Rebus Siput Sedut Batang Keladi…

…Pucuk Ubi Masak Tempoyak, Keli Salai Masak Lemak, Kambing Briyani, Sotong Sambal, Daging Masak Kicap, Sayur Campur Aneka Cendawan, Keropok Ikan, Popiah, Ayam Goreng Berempah, Keropok Lekor, Otak-otak, Satay Chicken and Satay Beef.

Whole Roasted Lamb with Briyani Rice, the must-have among the rest! Tender cut of meat laced with mild gaminess, best with brown gravy. We love to have it with briyani rice, our favourite comfort food!

Apart from Malay delicacies, Western corner is something we always look forward to in Traders Hotel Buffet. Baked Mac & Cheese, Sauteed French Beans and Snow Pea, Mix Seafood Papilote, Duck Confit with Orange Fennel Sauce, Honey Mustard Chicken with Cannellini Bean Ragout and Grilled Mini Beef Tenderloin with Green Pepper Sauce – each of them is so lovely. Summergirl especially enjoyed her Baked Mac & Cheese. Ya, kid’s food but she likes it.

While for Summerkid, he will first go for none other but Japanese selection beautifully lined up with a variety of sashimi and sushi! They also have Chicken Karaage, Tempura Prawn, Deep Fried Okra, Deep Fried Sweet Potato, Miso Soup and more. Try the Chicken Karaage! It is crispy outside, bursts with juiciness from the inside.

Save rooms for dessert – Penget Pisang, Bubur Kacang Hijau, Pengat Durian Pulut & Roti Benggali, Bubur Pulut Hitam, Assorted Malay Kuih are all great but the most noteworthy part is the New Zealand Natural Ice Cream. Traders Hotel will be having 12 flavours of these in Citarasa Santapan buffet! Free-flow so don’t miss out!

The Citarasa Santapan buffet dinner is priced at RM125 nett per adult for the 1st & 2nd week (26 May to 9 June 2017) and RM135 nett per adult for the 3rd & 4th week (10 June to 24 June 2017). For every group of 6 persons, one dines for free. For reservations,kindly call (603) 2332 9888 or leave message on Facebook