Hock Chew Food at Hock Kee, Lot 10 Hutong Bukit Bintang KL

Growing up in a small town that is near to Sitiawan Perak, Summergirl get introduced to Fook Chow food since she was young. Fook Chow Guang Bing, Ang Jiu Mi Sua, Hock Chew Fish Balls, Hock Chew Peanut Soup – these are all her favourite Hock Chew dishes.

But after coming to KL, getting a simple bowl of Ang Jiu Mee Sua turns so difficult. Not many restaurants are selling Hock Chew delicacies. So happy when we found Hock Kee, a stall in Lot 10 Hutong in Bukit Bintang, specializes in Hock Chew dishes using home recipes pass down from generation to generation.

Hock Chew Claypot Red Vinasse Chicken Mee Sua RM15.00

Visited for a try last week. Get started with Hock Chew Claypot Red Vinasse Chicken Mee Sua – the star of all. Purple-red broth packed with mellow sweetness and sourness of Chinese red wine, gracefully soaked up by Foo Chow vermicelli. If you wonder how the colour is formed, it is due to red Chinese wine and lees, not colouring. A sip on the soup, we were satisfied. Reminds us about the taste of Ang Jiu Mee Sua Summergirl’s mum cooks at home.

Hock Chew Dried Mee Sua RM10.50

Hock Chew Dried Mee Sua- A very simple “gon lou” noodles makes right with springy, chewy noodles, homemade by the family. Lightly tossed in condiments like dark sauce, soy sauce, dashes of peppers. Love the stuffed tofu pok served aside, puffy with meaty minced meat filling. Hearty portion, not oily, finish a whole plate and you might ask for more.

Hock Chew Red Vinasse Pork Rice RM11.00

Another favourite of ours other than Ang Jiu Mee Sua. Tender slices of meat, beautifully laced with hints of Chinese red wine and shredded ginger. So flavourful and we like charred taste resulted from the big fire stir-fried. Superb with a bowl of rice. Again, the red colour is not from coloring, but due to red vinasse that is used for marination.

Hock Chew Braised Pork Rice RM13.00

Other than dishes we sampled above, Hock Kee Lot 10  Hutong menu also covers choices like Hock Chew Fish Ball Noodles Soup, Homemade Fish Paste Noodles, Hock Chew Dumpling Soup, Hock Chew Fish Ball, Hock Chew Red Vinasse Chicken Rice, Home Cooked Meatball Soup, amongst others. Price are within RM15.

Hock Chew Peanut Soup RM5

End the meal with Hock Chew Peanut Soup, an interesting sweet treat that put loaded with peanut, longan, dates, fungus. Boiled for hours to get cloudy white base, peanuts in pleasant soft chews. In short, will we return? Yes!

Hock Kee Hock Chew Food 福记福州美食

Hutong Lot 10 十号胡同
Lot 10 Shopping Centre,
Lower Fround Floor, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 10AM- 10 PM