Chuck Two Sons Mid Valley Megamall KL: Penang Nyonya Cuisine

Chuck Two Sons Mid Valley Megamall KL is prides for their Nyonya delicacies hails from Northern Region, with recipe pass down for three generations; and crab laksa – is seriously something not to be missed.

Spotted Chuck Two Sons several times when driving into Mid Valley KL parking, finally paid this place a visit for last Friday dinner. Located next to Brozeit, same row with Fish Head Noodles, Greyhound Cafe and Chilli’s, Chuck Two Sons showcases inviting dining setting with modern bistro ambience – cozy, relaxing space ideal for couple, friends, families, and even corporate dining.

A wall of wooden shelves with dark colour framing, adorned with potted green and crystal-style ornaments; further contrasted by grey zinc wall with portrait painting at another side for a rustic touch; completes with charms of Nyonya like bamboo shade lamps and batik as you look around – decors that align with what Chuck Two Sons menu focuses here – traditional Northern Nyonya food.

Tau Yew Bak RM38.50

Despite the exquisitely designed interior, Chuck Two Sons doesn’t go fancy, nor into fusion fine dining when come to dishes they serve. Taste and quality are the main priority, true comfort food with tastes of home. Says, the Tau Yu Bak.

Chunks of pork braised for hours for tenderly soft end result, at the same time lending in meat sweetness into the broth, forming beautiful braised sauce that we can easily down two bowlful of rice with it. Summergirl usually doesn’t like fatty part but she said that Chuck Two Sons version was great with the fattier meat. We were told that some customers do ask for 90% of fat meat.

Nyonya Lobak RM12

Snack on loh bak, one of the favourite appetizers in Chuck Two Sons. Always sold off before dinner time, but we were lucky enough to get the very last roll of this. Meaty filling, faint hints of five spice powders, all wrapped in beancurd roll and deep fried to golden brown. Instead of the usual chilli dipping sauce, you may want to try on their sambal sauce that is more spicy, packed with oomph. Try ask for it.

Crab Laksa RM25

Chuck Two Sons Crab Laksa. Never leave without checking this out! We have heard so many good reviews about this laksa and after tasting it, we personally feel that it doesn’t go famous for no reason -Silky smooth noodles immersed in rich, flavourful broth blended with crab meat, further topped with more fresh shredded crab meat, julienne cucumber, cabbage, herbs. Really delicious!

Very generous portion, but not “jelak” at all. We love how the liberal amount of vegetables help to balance out the overall flavours in a refreshing way, along with pleasing crab sweetness. RM25 seems expensive but no, not at all. Worth the price you pay for.

Salted Egg Sotong RM31

Salted Egg Sotong, our must-order whenever there’s salted egg dishes on the menu. Didn’t expect much from this but surprisingly not bad! Like that it is not heavily coated with salted egg yolk, but more like complementing the outer layer for a better taste.  Crunchy outside, chewy squid within, non oily, just nice.

Assam Fish Siakap

Next up, three more sharing dishes helmed with herbs and spices – Pork Kapitan, Sambal Petai Prawns, and Assam Fish Siakap, also our top pick. It scores on the appetizing sauce with strong spicy after taste, dressed over steamed siakap.

Pork Kapitan RM36

Chuck Two Sons does an excellent job on their pork dishes but we managed to try only Pork Kapitan- succulent pork slices, thickly coated in rich, mildly spicy curry. How we wish we could have bigger stomach space to enjoy more varieties. You may also want to try out their Lam Yee Fried Pork Ribs, Ginger & Spring Onions Pork, Green curry Pork, Assam Pork Ribs.

Sambal Petai Prawns RM40

Plump, bouncy prawns and stinky beans stir fried with sauce in spicy, sour, sweet and salty concoction. Least spicy among the three, but not short in flavours!

Cendol RM7

Lastly, a bowl of cendol for dessert. Finely shaved ice, loaded with lots of cendol, red beans and finished with drizzles of gula Melaka syrup. Tastes is on the lighter side, less sweet, but chilly, refreshing enough to wrap up our heavy savoury meals just right.

Little Creature – Pale Ale RM24 and Bright Ale RM24

Little Creatures Pale Ale and Bright Ale to go with our meal! Nyonya food and beer are perfect match also ok? Hehe. You can also have Corona, Asahi, Kronenbourg 1664, Hoegaarden with Happy Hour price all day. Blanc 1664 is only RM55 for 3 bottles, Asahi RM50 for 3 bottles- spotted and will come again.

Chuck Two Sons

(Beside Brozeit)
G- E020, Ground Floor,
Mid Valley Mall, 75 Lingkaran Syed Putra
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: 10AM – 10PM daily
Contact: 03-2282 8668