Hachi Bakery Cafe, Plaza Damas KL: Brunch with Japanese Toast & Bread

Hachi Bakery Cafe Plaza Damas (*linked with Hartamas Shopping Centre) Kuala Lumpur is now opened! A new, noteworthy cafe in KL to check out before 2017 ends.

We aren’t regulars to Plaza Damas but there are always reasons that brought us back. From Warung Soho price-value Nasi Kerabu to Kanteen Plus delicious curry fish head, Lush Bowl healthy eats and Rubberduck Cafe delightful smoothie bowls and the latest, Hachi Bakery that lines up with an array of Japanese-inspired baking goodness. Feels good to be back for good food.

Hachi Bakery proudly churns out about 40 types of breads and buns, baked fresh daily by Chinami Date san, a friendly and talented Japanese chef who used to work in Japan, then Singapore. Taking together her experience and passion in baking, Chinami Date san has decided to open Bakery Cafe Hachi, bringing a taste of Japan to Malaysia.

This new eatery is located at the outdoor area of Plaza Damas, in between Starbucks Coffee and Subway Sandwich. Pick your favourite breads to takeaway, or dine-in with savoury toast, sandwich, muffin and more in a setting with Japanese style design.

Ala-carte hot food selections on Bakery Cafe Hachi menu may not be as fancy, or as gimmicky when compared to many hipster cafes in KL, but this has somehow becoming the part that we love most about Hachi. It can be as simple as just plain toast with jam & butter plus a side of salad and yougurt, yet, managed to earn our liking. Down-to-earth flavours, plating and concoction that stay close to what we had in some of the modern brunch cafes back in Japan. Everything is prepared with loved, fresh, healthy, no preservative added..

Crqoue Madame, Keema Curry Toast, Fried Chicken Banh Mi, Avocado & Salmon Focaccia Sandwich, Pizza Toast, Chicken Cutlet Sandwich, French Baguatte, Cheese Toast, Muffin Omelette Sandwich, Egg Benedict with Cream Cheese Muffin and more, ala-carte menu here has bread taking the center stage, topped/sandwiched with various ingredients.

We highly recommended Keema Curry Toast, layering fluffy soft, chewy milk bread with minced beef, flourished with rich, flavourful Keema curry; topped with three types of cheese, namely Mozzarella Cheese, Natural Cheese and Red Leicester.

Bakery Cafe Hachi signature loaf, decked up on shelves near to counter. Must-buy. So look out for them when you are here.

For buns, choices are beyond the flavours you can get in most normal bakeries in KL. Green Tea Cream and Red Bean Paste Stick Bread, Walnut Stick Bread Sanded in Milk Butter Cream,  Earl Grey & Apple Bun, Melon Pan, Japanese Keema Curry Bun, Anpan, Mentaiko French Bread, Salty Butter Soft Bread Roll, Custard Cream Fresh Mango Croissant,  Yuze Cheese Bread – we lost count on the varieties.

Salty Butter – an unassuming, plain looking bun that worth a mention.  We were told that about a year or two years ago, this cute little bun taken the social media world of Japan by storm when it was first introduced by a bakery in Ehime, Japan. It sold like hot cakes, exactly like what happened to our Salted Egg Yolk Lava Croissant. Very interesting soft bread in stretchy texture, rolled in unsalted butter, topped with rock salt. Try it.

Other than Salty Butter, Yuzu Cheese is another favourite of ours. Creamy, rich flavour cheese nested in hollowed soft bun, tinged with yuzu that gives a refreshing, delightful fruity finish.

Something special for you…

Bakery Cafe Hachi Plaza Damas will be officially launch on Christmas, 25 December 2017. Hot meals prepared upon ordered will be fully available from that day. To celebrate this special day further, Hachi Cafe will be giving away 100 Snowman Bun for FREE from 10AM onwards, first come first serve basis. Must be followers of Hachi Bakery Facebook page and Instagram too to entitle ya!

Bakery Cafe HACHI

P-07B , Plaza Ground Floor,
Sri Hartamas Shopping Centre ,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Taman Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening Hours: 8AM–8PM daily
Contact number: 03-6206 2668
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BakeryCafeHACHI/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bakerycafehachi/