Creative CNY Menu 2018, Ruyi & Lyn, BSC Bangsar Kuala Lumpur

If creative menu is something you look forward to this CNY, Ruyi & Lyn Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC KL) is where you should visit in Kuala Lumpur. Contemporary Chinese delight with stunning dining hall, Ruyi & Lyn fits this well.

Ruyi & Lyn at Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur certainly needs no further introduction. Their Nasi Lemak Sushi, Hainanese Chicken Sushi, Mango Sticky Rice Sushi are still a niche until today. In fact, a dish with never-fade-off  popularity. And yeah, not to forget, their you-too-can-walk-like-a-celebrity red carpet and stunning dining hall.

Prosperity Prawn 青姜茸粉丝蒸生虾
Steamed with Glass Noodles & Green Ginger

But beyond this creative sushi and glamorous red carpet, Ruyi & Lyn is a very worth-mentioned restaurant in Bangsar, churning out memorable dishes that put together East meets West flavours along with chef’s very own creativity.

Re-visited Ruyi & Lyn last week to sample their 2018 Chinese New Year menu. So excited because it is one of the CNY menus we look forward to to the most for Kuala Lumpur Restaurant.

Wong Choy Paws-perity Yee Sang 旺財招福撈魚生
Exclusive yearly edition with salted egg yolk crispy fish skin and Atlantic Salmon

..And, chef doesn’t disappoint, right from the moment first dish was served. Look at this beautifully decorated Yee Sang in the shape of a cutie dog! So cute!

Ingredient wise, other than the usual fresh shredded vegetables, bok chui and condiments, Ruyi & Lyn added one of the hottest snack in town – salted egg yolk fish skin! Extra crispiness, and flavours too! Then we discovered the fun part – plum sauce and oil are filled in syringe for DIY.

South Star Grouper 酸菜水煮七星斑辣湯
Pickled Vegetables, Leek and Spicy Clear Soup
RM268++ each

Impressive food presentation continued as our first hot dish, South Star Grouper was served. Like a flying fish. No reason for not taking photos before eating.

Sip slowly and experience the beautiful mellow flavours down the throat, with unexpectedly spicy aftertaste. Then enjoy a piece of cooked-to-just-nice grouper fish fillet with Chinese pickled vegetables. And repeat. Tender and smooth fish, peppery hot soup with hints of sourness – so delicious and highly recommended if you love spicy soup.

Midori Baked Cod Fish

Long Live the Lamb
Pan-seared lamb rack served with green salad and cauliflower cream
RM138++ per portion

Chinese New Year specialties in Ruyi & Lyn lean more on classic favourites blended modern contemporary. From Boston Lobster with Salted Egg & Cheese Sauce to Prosperity Pomfret Fillet with Crispy Bones, Pumpin & Chicken Floss on Chawanmushi; Abalone with Foe Gras & Red Wine Jus; Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab with Lemon Citrus Butter Sauce and Drunken River Prawn with Champagne and Egg White Beer Sauce. Interesting concoction but rest assured, tasty and satisfying.

Braised Shanghai Rice Cake 烟鸭雪菜上海年糕
Braised with smoked duck and snow pickled cabbage.

Claypot steamed rice with Chinese waxed meat, fried rice with ham and sausages – keep these Chinese New Year staple for other restaurants. In Ruyi & Lyn, try to check out this Braised Shanghai Rice Cake. Chewiness from thick cut glurinous rice cake delivers the main chewy texture, further flavoured up with savoury smokiness from smoked duck, tangy finish from pickled cabagge. Interesting try!

Chinese Caramel “Nian Gao” with Coconut Juice

Chinese Caramel “Nian Gao” with Coconut Juice – Chef goes back to the traditional Chinese New Year element for Ruyi & Lyn signature CNY dessert. Looks just like a normal deep fried Nian Gao but you could still discover chef’s never ending creativity in it. Yes, the coconut juice laced around the soft, homemade nian gao.

“Hung Pao” Crispy Glutinous Rice Ball in Strawberry Sauce
RM18++ per portion (6 pcs)

Glutinous rice ball filled with sesame, battered and deep fried to golden brown. Contrasting crunchiness and chewiness, with warmth sesame filling oozed out as we bite through, plus pleasing sweet tangy sensation from strawberry sauce drizzled over. Love this.

Overall, if creative Chinese New Year menu is something you are looking for in this coming festive celebration, Ruyi & Lyn Bangsar KL is probably one of the best restaurants in Kuala Lumpur to visit. Definitely a great place for a feast to eyes and tummy.

*Ruyi & Lyn 2018 CNY Menu offers ala-carte selections and special set menu for from RM138++. Minimum 2 persons and you can already check out their awesome CNY set! For larger group, they have set menu for 10 persons, from RM1388++ per table.