8haus, Jalan Sin Chew Kee KL: Instagrammable Restaurant, Event Space, Bar

8haus 八號, a newly opened restaurant, bar cum event space near to Pudu police station, Kuala Lumpur. Located along Jalan Sin Chew Kee, one street behind VCR Cafe KL, expect 8haus to become a favourite spot for cafe hoppers very soon, thanks to their Instagrammable space.

Shop front painted in dreamy Tiffany blue, interior that remains the structure of this 1920s’ heritage building, high ceilings, rustic red bricks walls, dark colour furnishing, minimalism style – 8haus carries an aesthetically pleasing ambience, with modern vintage finish.

The design does reminds us about Jao Tim Cafe in Petaling Street especially for the upper floor, which coincidentally look alike. But as we stayed, enjoyed and dined, we felt that both 8haus and Jao Tim actually showcase different dining experience, each having their own identity.

Lovely space aside, we were rather impressed with the good food here. Instead of filling up the menu with ordinary brunch selections like big breakfast, egg benedict, French toast, maple syrup pancake or shakshouka, 8haus covers a proud selections of meat-focused main courses. Pork, to be specified.

Choices aren’t extensive, but nicely curated with Asian-Western fusion, blending in Chef Jason’s signature flair. We really like this XO Haus Linguine Pasta RM20.80 recommended by the staff. Al-dente linguine tossed in flavouful Chinese XO sauce, laced with subtle spiciness.

Highlight goes to these 4 slices of salty pork belly – balanced fat and lean meat, gelatinous soft, just the right texture.

Best Haus Pork Ribs RM36.80 – the most expensive item on 8haus soft launch menu, which usually would’t go into our consideration but we did this time, and no regret.

Dark brown pork ribs that is not just tender soft throughout, but a combination of moist meat, set within slightly chewy outer layer to give more bites. Beautifully flavoured up with sweet and sour hoisin basting sauce. Portion is ideal for one person, but can be shared if you are small eater.

Other selections on 8haus menu includes Pull Pork Fried Rice RM15.80, Whole Grilled Haus Chicken RM34.80, Grilled Haus Chicken Rice RM19.80, Bacon & Cheese Ciabatta RM15.80, Pork Penne Pasta RM18.80, Pork Belly Pomelo Salad RM22.80, Salted Egg Haus Fries RM15.80, Haus Stuffed Squid RM16.80 and Haus Chicken Wing RM15.80, just to name a few. All looks pretty promising though.

Plum8 with popsicle happiness at only RM8.80.

Red plum, salty lime, sour plum, stick plum, chen pi in ice cream soda serves with nostalgic childhood memories all in a cup – looking at the description, we thought it will be a very intense, plum-ness overloaded kind of drink but to our surprise, it was so refreshing, and not too sweet! Feels so “減脂消暑” in every sip, almost the perfect drink to cut down our guiltiness from the sinfully delicious pork ribs.

A cup of hot latte RM9.30 for Summergirl caffeine-fix. Spotted creative beverage inspired from local favourites too, such as Champ – coffee and tea skimmed with evaporated milk and condensed milk topped with ice and smooth whipped cream; Cofaltine – chocolate malt Ovaltine mixed with coffee, milk and water for a twisted mocha fix; Native Haus Coffee – coffee with melted gula maleka skimmed with evaporated milk and milk, for sweet coffee lovers.

Total bill came to about ~RM74 including service tax. Overall, 8haus is a very nice restaurant for gathering, celebrations and private events. Great for #OOTD photography too, but of course, don’t forget their wonderful dishes in affordable price. Staffs are friendly and attentive. 8haus is still on soft launch period but personally felt that they are quite ready to welcome everyone, 7 days a week from 11AM – 11PM. So come by whenever you are in Pudu KL area. Bar is still in progress, will be opened soon.

8Haus Restaurant & Bar, Event Space

(one street behind VCR Jalan Galloway)
8, Jalan Sin Chew Kee,
Pudu, Bukit Bintang,
50150 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening hours: 11AM – 11PM daily
Contact: 03 – 2110 0887
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/8hauscommunity/