Anther & Stigma Plaza Arkadia: Brunch in a Floral Cafe

Anther & Stigma at Plaza Arkadia Desa Park City, beyond just as an Insta-worthy spot.

It is a florist, cafe cum event space in this new lifestyle hub, right in the heart of ParkCity TownCenter. Whether you are here to order hand-tied flowers for your loved ones, meet up with your friends for party and celebrations or merely weekend brunch dating, Anther & Stigma fits all well.

No special reason to get a bouquet of flowers, hence food and all things delicious brought us here last Sunday.

Anther & Stigma menu are more extensive than we expected. Full-fledge, covering from salad to soup, pasta, rice, breakfast platter, Asian mains, Western delights and dessert – easily has something for everyone.

The bonus point, affordable price. Most dishes are set within RM20, giving us more flexibility to choose what we want to eat instead of being restricted to cheaper selections.

Started with a comfort plate of Buttermilk Chicken Pasta. Creamy, mildly spicy buttermilk chicken sauce tossed with spaghetti, along with chunks of chicken. It isn’t a heavy pasta, hence easy to enjoy till the end without feeling cloying. Spotted Pumpkin Paste too but too full to try out.

Other Asian Mains here are relatively price-friendly, like Honey Glazed Chicken Rice at RM15, Buddha Bowl for RM13, Sambal Fried Rice RM12, Japanese Chicken Katsu Curry Rice at RM18.

French Toast here is a twist from the classic, highlighting Anther and Stigma’s very own creativity by having flaky, buttery croissant pan fried, sandwiched with caramelized bananas, seasonal fruits and coconut nectar drizzles.

And yay, found that they are using our favourite coconut nectar’s brand – from Gula Melts! Good stuff!

Coffee for Summerkid, his weekend must-have.

Pick a drink from their dreamy floral kind of non-caffeine beverage list, which include Minty Watermelon, Bluepea Lemon Tea, Lavender Early Grey Latte, Passion Wild Honey and Orange Hibiscus Tea. Our Minty Watermelon tastes just right to beat the scorching hot weather – refreshing, subtle mint flavours. Recommended.

In short, will we back again? Yes! We will. Love their ambience and decoration. Friendly service too.

Anther & Stigma Plaza Arkadia

Block H, Level 1,
Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Opening Hours:
Tue-Thur (8.30AM – 6.30PM)
Fri (9AM-9PM)
Closed on Mondays

Online florist shop: