The Sake Place Plaza Arkadia KL: Learn About Sake While You Drink

Carrying over 80 types of carefully selected sake from more than 20 prefectures in Japan, The Sake Place at Plaza Arkadia, DesaPark City KL can easily garners attention as one of the best sake restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. However, what The Sake Place trying to highlight, is far beyond just their impressive varieties.

Most of the time, we drink for leisure. We pair our booze with food, or in whichever way that we are comfortable with. There is minimal interaction with the restaurant’s staffs about the drink we have, be it wine, sake or any other liquor.

Here at The Sake Place Plaza Arkadia, it will change your perception about common drinking practice in this city, sake to be particular.

Mr. Danny, who is also the first eight Master Sake Sommelier in the world, is on a mission to create a more worthwhile sake dining experience, providing diners with some insights about the art and culture of this most consumed rice wine in Japan, while enjoying delicious food from their menu.

There is also a mini sake museum upstairs, where you get to learn about the history of sake, the making of sake, and some interesting facts about sake – that you might not know till you walk into the small yet informative sake museum, probably the only one in KL so far.

Tour this museum before or after your dinner, Danny is always ready, more than happy to answer your questions in between if he happened to be around.

For food, The Sake Place put together a list of tasty local, Asian and Western selections with modern twist, specially crafted to pair with sake. If you are uncertain on which sake is best paired with the food you ordered, just ask for recommendations that fit your budget and liking. You will not be disappointed.

Ice Vegetable Topped with Strawberries & Pine Nuts, Drizzled with Yuzu RM22

Begins with a refreshing salad. Crisp, frosty-like ice plant combined with juicy-sweet strawberries, pine nuts crunch, finished with light drizzles of yuzu dressing.

Baby Octopus Marinated in Tahini & Chinese Pickles RM22

Then few Japanese-inspired appetizers blended with The Sake Place’s very own creativity, such as Baby Octopus Marinated in Tahini & Chinese Pickles, Light Torched Mackerel, Salmon Smoked in Cherry Blossom Wood Chips served with Quail Egg Dip.

Lightly Torched Mackerel RM15

Salmon Smoked in Cherry Blossom Wood Chips & Served with Quail Egg Dip RM26

Seared Tuna on a Bed of Fresh Greens RM29

Hearty Sausage Platter RM50

Pork sausage, duck sausage and beef sausage – homemade, simple, meaty, delicious on their own. No extra sauces needed to further flavour them up.

Assam Laksa Glass Noodles with a Twist RM28

We’ve tried Assam Laksa Bee Hoon, Stir Fried Laksa Noodles, and Assam Laksa Tang Yuan before but for Assam Laksa Glass Noodles, it is for the first time and it tasted so good! Thin, delicate glass noodles beautifully absorbed with rich, unique taste of assam laksa broth, accompanied by generous seafood toppings. A dish filled with flavours in every bite. Recommended.

Fettucine with Creamy Tumeric Sauce RM28

Pasta with Asian touch. Fettucine tossed in creamy tumeric sauce, topped with succulent pieces of chicken. Comfort food that you will hardly go wrong with.

Chinese-style Braised Pork RM29

Square-cut pork belly, slow braised in dark sauce concoction for hours to result in oh-so-tender meat, moist and delish, great dish to go with sake.

Fried Akita Komachi Rice with Scallop RM29

Even fried rice makes an appearance in a different way in The Sake Place! Using Akita Komachi Rice – a type of premium quality white rice grown in Akita prefecture Japan, this fried rice, undoubtedly, prides for its stronger sweet flavours with lovely aroma.

Tamago with Sweet Yuzu Topping RM16

Tamago with Sweet Yuzu Topping as dessert to end our meal. Yay, it is equally favourable having Japanese rolled egg sweet, coupled with pleasing citrusy from Yuzu!

Distinctly unique visit, not just drink for the sake of drinking. Definitely not your usual walk-in-drink-eat-and-leave dinner.

For sake options, do come and discover the range yourself. The in-house expert will get the suggestion right.

Also, not to forget, do check out their Sake Tasting Flights vary for each month. With set options like Introduction to Sake, Non Junmai vs Junmai, Junmai Set, Non Junmai Set and Different Polishing Rates Set, you get to learn while you drink at The Sake Place. A really nice way to know more about sake.

The Sake Place

F-1-16, Block Faraday, Plaza Arkadia,
No. 3 Jalan Intisari Perdana, Desa Parkcity
52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening Hours; 4PM-11PM, closed Monday