Kampachi EQ, Saturday A la Carte Brunch Buffet

For more than four decades, the award-winning Kampachi has always been an established and highly regarded Japanese dining destinations in Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant takes pride in the finest air-flown sashimi from the famed Tsukiji market in Tokyo, along with carefully crafted delicacies for a satisfying Japanese gourmet indulgence.

Just last year, Kampachi returned home with a new chapter at the EQ, welcoming diners with a stylish, laid-back design that takes inspiration from the natural surrounds of Hinoki forest and contemporary reinterpretation of Japanese architecture.

In case you are not aware, this sophisticated interior has won Kampachi a Bronze award in MIID Reka Award 2019, Food & Beverage category! Congratulations!

While for the menu, rest assured, you would not be disappoint. The reintroduction of Kampachi iconic Sunday buffet has gained its continuous popularity through its refined concept since May 2019. And this year, this KL’s leading Japanese restaurant is ready to elevate your dining experience with the re-worked Saturday ala-carte buffet brunch.

Available every Saturday from 12 to 3PM (*last order 2.30PM), Kampachi Saturday Ala-carte Buffet Brunch menu features over 40 varieties of Japanese items, from sashimi to sushi, udon, tempura, teppanyaki, agemono, yakimono and more, all freshly prepared upon order.

What makes this Japanese ala-carte buffets more noteworthy is that each guest can have a serving of premium air-flown sashimi – generous cuts of Toro (Tuna Belly), Kanpachi (Amberjack) and Tai (Sea Bream); together with a choice of special dish, namely Kani Ashi Tempura (Snow Crab Leg Tempura), Teppanyaki Wagyu Aspara Maki (Wagyu Asparagus Roll) or Kinki Yuan Yaki (Grilled Rock Fish in Yuan Style Sauce).

Kani Ashi Tempura (Snow Crab Leg Tempura)

Teppanyaki Wagyu Aspara Maki (Wagyu Asparagus Roll)

Kinki Yuan Yaki (Grilled Rock Fish in Yuan Style Sauce)

While waiting for hot food to arrive, adjourn to the counter and enjoy classic selections of Sashimi and Sushi – Futo Maki (Japanese Traditional Roll), Soft Kani Maki (Soft Shell Crab Roll), Sanshoku Maki (Sushi Roll with Assorted Raw Fish), California Maki (Crab Stick & Cucumber Roll coated with Flying Fish Roe), Shake Aburi Maki (Seared Salmon Roll topped with Grilled Eel).

Not to forget, Sake Aburi Carpacio (Seared Salmon with Wasabi Dressing), Kamo Kunsei (Smoked Duck with Grain Mustard), Sarada Moriawase (Vegetable Mixed Salad) with Goma Dressing, Wafu Dressing as appetizer. Love the tummy-warming oden too!

First round for our unlimited order-  Ebi (Prawn), Kisu (Whiting), Ika (Cuttlefish) and Yasai (vegetable) tempura; Hatate Butter Ni (Hokkaido Scallop with Butter Sauce); Asari Miso Shiru (Japanese Clam Bean Paste Soup), Tori Teppanyaki (Chicken Teppanyaki).


Tori Teppanyaki (Chicken Teppanyaki)

More food! We especially enjoy the Kaki Furai (Deep Fried Oyster with Bread Crumb) and Kabocha Korokke (Crispy Chicken Wing Pumpkin Croquette) from Agemono section. The latter is especially outstanding with its crispy golden brown outer layer, encasing rich, creamy pumpkin filling. So good!

Make your brunch at Kampachi merrier with these free-flow sake. Just add another RM70+ for ultimate sake & food pairing! Had Benten Musume Kimoto Junmai, Izumibashi Junmai Shinriki, Fuzosuru Junmai Ginjo Sakanishiki and Taketsuru Junmai Nigori.

Yakimono, or grilled dishes are also choices you shouldn’t miss out in Kampachi Saturday Ala-Carte Brunch Buffet. Be it Gindara Saikyoyaki (Grilled Cod Fish Marinated with Miso Paste), Shishamo (Capelin Fish), Shake (Salmon), Unagi (Eel), Saba (Mackerel) or Shake Kama (Salmoon Head), you gotta try it out! We highly recommended the Grilled Cod Fish.

Hotate Butter Ni (Hokkaido Scallop with Butter Sauce)

End our meal sweet with trio ice-cream – Matcha Ice Cream, Black Sesame Ice Cream, Yuzu sorbet; abekawamochi and fresh fruits platter! Soft, silky smooth matcha pudding is another must-try.

Give Kampachi Ala-Carte Buffet a try now if you have not! Reservations can be made by calling to +603 2789 7723 or via TableApp https://www.tableapp.com/restaurant/kampachi-eq.

Kampachi EQ

Ground Floor, Equatorial Plaza
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +60 3 2789 7722
Email: kampachi@kul.equatorial.com
Website: http://www.kampachi.com.my/

Saturday Ala-Carte Brunch Buffet
Availability: Every Saturday, 12pm – 3pm (last order 2.30Pm)
RM218+/ adult
*RM108+/ child 5-12 years old
*Children price is for compressed menu, not including premium items and air-flown sashimi

Additional RM70+ for free Flow Sake