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What to Eat in Malaysia Boleh! Four Seasons Place KL

Malaysia Boleh! Four Seasons Place Kuala Lumpur is finally opened!

Where is Malaysia Boleh!

Located just 5 minutes walk from LRT KLCC Station, directly next to KLCC Twin Towers and opposite to Avenue K Shopping Mall, this easy-to-reach food atrium is set to becoming one of the must-visit for both tourists and locals to enjoy Malaysia popular street food, all under one roof. Walk into Robinsons Shoppes and go one floor down, you’ll see Malaysia Boleh! on your right.

Is food in Malaysia Boleh! expensive?

What’s better is, for its Golden Triangle location, price for food here is reasonable with hearty portion. For instance, a generous bowl of curry mee is only RM9, cendol is RM3, and hot white coffee at RM2.50. You can have a satisfying meal here at less than RM15!

Is the environment nice?

Classic Kopitiam floor tiles, marble table top with solid wooden stools, stalls adorned with heritage shop front-like, Chinese oldies background music, etc.. – we are pleased to see a really thoughtfully designed food court right in the heart Kuala Lumpur finally, filled with nostalgic atmosphere.

While eating, Summerkid’s mum kept telling us that: “Do you know this song? It’s from our generation.” “This song too, famous during our childhood time.”. LOL.

Speaks about Instagram-worthy food court in KL, Malaysia Boleh! can easily be one of the top.

What to Eat in Malaysia Boleh! 

Here, you can indulge into everything about Malaysian street food. From curry mee to Penang Laksa, Penang Cendol, KL Hokkien Mee, Chicken Rice, Duck Rice, O Chien, Stir-Frie Raddish Cake, Char Koay Teow, Porridge, and the list goes on.

We picked a signature dish from each stall, and happily devoured in with our family.

1. Jalan Imbi Ah Yen Curry Mee RM9

Began with this glorious bowl of curry mee. Yellow noodles and vermicelli in beautiful orange-red curry broth, topped with tau pok, long beans, pig skin. Dig in further, we found large pieces of chicken inside. Spiciness is manageable, not too “lemak”.

2. Claypot Chicken Rice RM10

Sesame Oil Chicken, Bak Kut Teh, Claypot Chicken Rice – enjoy delicious Chinese comfort food from this stall.

3. Bak Kut Teh RM13

Ordered Bak Kut Teh to share. The soup is on the lighter side, clean to the palate. Mushroom, pai guat, pork meat, tao pok, and beancurd – get them all in one pot.

4. Pudu Barbecue – Roast Duck Rice RM10

Summerkid and his brother gave stamp of approval for this roast duck rice. Skin is surprisingly still crispy after we took some time on photography. Succulent meat, goes well with rice. Recommended.

Other than Roast Duck Rice, you can also check out Roast Pork Rice RM10, Char Siew Rice RM9, Roast Duck Drumstick Rice RM13.

5. Yong Kee Char Koay Tiao RM9/Regular; RM12/Large

6. Penang Fried Oyster / O Chien RM12/Regular; RM15/Large

Our favourite among all. Everyone in the family loves this. Not too oily, and we enojed how the egg is cooked to just nice, keeping it moist with tasty bites. If you had eaten O Chien with egg that is “overcooked” or what we say ” fried till old / 雞蛋炒到很老”, you might understand what we trying to say. LOL. Recommended.

7. Penang Fried Carrot Cake RM8/Regular; RM10/Large

More Penang favourite street food after the O Chien and Char Koay Teow. Cubed carrot cake, stir fried together with bean sprout, egg, chai poh – the essential ingredients for Char Koay Kak. Good portion for RM8.

8. Yoko Chilly Pan Mee RM10

Homemade pan mee topped with soft boiled egg, minced pork, fried anchovies, blanched spinach, spicy chilli paste, homemade pan- Toss everything together and tuck into flavourful, messy goodness. Yoko Chilli Pan Mee’s version has a balance between the chilli and housemade dark sauces. Hence less fiery hot, but still has a touch of spicy kick. You can also get Pan Mee soup at RM9 and Ee Fu Noodles at RM9 from this stall.

9. Te Qi Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken RM10

Can’t go Ipoh? Have a taste of Ipoh Chicken Rice at Malaysia Boleh! Te Qi Stall. RM10 per plate. You can also opt for half chicken at RM32, quarter chicken (upper) at RM16 and quarter chicken (lower) at RM18.

10. Penang Hokkien Mee / Prawn Mee RM10

11. KL Hokkien Mee RM12/Regular; RM15/Large

Yass… Zhu Yao Zhar on our Hokkien Mee! We were literally fighting to get this crunchy pieces to go with our wok hei-filled, flavourful thick noodles.

12. Penang Assam Laksa RM10

Getting Assam Laksa is not as easy as getting curry mee, pork noodles and prawn mee in kopitiams in our area. Happy to see this on Malaysia Boleh! menu and ordered one. Smooth lai fun noodles, spicy sourish soup, topped with lots of sliced onions, pineapples, and green lettuce.

13. Pork Porridge RM8

Summerkid’s mum favourite. Looks plain when served but all the pork-licious ingredients are hidden beneath. Quite a filling portion.

14. KL Wanton Mee RM9 Dry/Soup

Springy wanton mee, sauce is laced with hints of sweetness that Summerkid likes, similar to the one he used to had in his favourite Klang wanton mee shop, which has now ceased operation. If you like your wantan mee this way, you may want to try out too.

15. Liang You Ipoh Pork Kuay Tiao Noodles RM9

16. Pudu Fried Chicken & Nasi Lemak

Basic Nasi Lemak at RM3.50, very price-friendly for a KL food court. For a merrier combination, add RM4 for Fried Chicken Wing, RM5 for Fried Chicken Tight, RM6 for Fried Chicken Drumstick.

17. Traditional Handmade Pau and Kuih

Fresh, pipping hot steamed Big Pau, Golden Sand Pau, Char Siew Pau, Lin Yong Pau, Pandan Pau are available for those who want a light breakfast or teatime. They also have “Chai Kueh” in chives, turnips, yam and pumpkin flavour.

Which dishes are our favourites among all?

Tried more than 10 dishes from Malaysia Boleh! stall, haha. Quite crazy but glad to find most items in Malaysia Boleh! are not bad. Our personal favourites? – O Chien, Roast Duck Rice, Stir Fried Raddish Cakes, Char Koay Teow, Turnips Chai Koay and Pork Poriddge.

When is the best time to visit Malaysia Boleh!

Since Four Seasons Place KL is within close vicinity to few shopping malls and office building, it can be quite packed during weekday lunch. Weekend lunch and weekday evening is less crowded for more comfortable dining. =D

Malaysia Boleh! (*Beside Encik Tan Cafe)
B1-01B, Shoppes at Four Seasons Place,
145 Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur,
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: 10AM – 10PM daily

Nearest public transport: Align at LRT KLCC Station, go 2 floors up to reach
Avenue K entrance, exit from there and cross the road, Shoppes Four Seasons
Place is right opposite. Walk in and go 1 floor down the escalator, Malaysia Boleh! will come in sight after Encik Tan Cafe.

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