Peppercorn Cafe @ SS15, Subang

Forgotten how we came across Peppercone Cafe at SS15, maybe is when looking for SS15 burger shop. This shop is said to be around in SS15 for more than 10 years already but we never realized about it though. It was located at such a hidden place but surprisingly, when we went in for dinner one weekend, the place was half occupied, signifying a not so bad business.

A very simple salad with sliced carrot, cucumber, egg , lightly tossed with thousand island sauce. The portion was horribly small but the taste was heavenly satisfying.

Chicken soup.

This was the soup of the day came along with the beef set dinner. Finally I can get rid of the- very- popular- mushroom -soup in most of the set meal. The soups was creamy but tasteless at the same time.

Medium Cooked Ribeye Beef Steak. (RM36)

The portion dissapointed me, as I expected it to be a huge piece… >_<. i have nothing much to said about it...the beef was mediocre but the rosti save day as it very nice not greasy flavorful and potato-ish.>

Spaghetti Carbonara. (RM12)

This is my girl’s order. This was not her first choice when she flipped through the menu. But she ended up with spaghetti carbonara, again. Yea.. she had been ordering spaghetti carbonara again and again recently no matter which cafe we went to. But the problem is none of the spaghetti carbonara spaghetti gets to satisfy her.

She wanted to give a chance to Peppercone cafe. Well, the spaghetti came in big portion, with generous amount of ham and mushroom. The carbonara base was watery and not creamy..almost tasteless. My girl actually likes carbonara sauce that is creamy and thick. Her long awaiting turned out to be another dissapointment.

Caramel pudding.

The pudding had a creamy and eggy texture, melt in the mouth softly, just a tad too sweet. However, the sweetness did heal part of our disappointment.

I think we ordered the wrong food that night as this cafe has lots of good review. I think I might come back again one day to ask for food recommendation from the waiter.. hoho..

Peppercorn Café
No 21,
Jalan SS15/4,
47500 Subang Jaya,