What’s New @ Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant, One Utama Shopping Mall

Established in 1984, Watami Group started off in the dining out restaurant business with the key concept of providing a place for all occasions in a comfortable environment. They develop the Ishokuya concept “Watami” in 1992, where guests can dine and wine while spending time enjoying the company of others. They then conceived the concept of ‘casual restaurant’, a lively, pleasant tavern offering extensive menu and cozy space. And today, “Casual Restaurant” is a trademark for Watami, so successful with more than 600 outlets in Japan and 50 across Asia Pacific including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Singapore and most currently, in Malaysia.
To be frank, Watami Restaurant is still considered new in Malaysia, about two-year-old plus with flagship in Pavillion, One Utama and Paradigm mall. Though being young, their name have swept across KL and Klang Valley area, building a strong foundation for them to move on. But they don’t stop here. While constantly sharpen the services and ensuring the food quality, every half a year Watami will launch an array of new dishes, not only to bring in more flavours as found in Watami Japan, but also giving more choices for diners. Coming up, Watami will surprise diners with range of new varieties including delicious maki rolls, don, ramen as well as finger food.

Bariuma Teba Karaage (RM10.90)
First to introduce is the Bariuma Teba Karaage, a superb snack that you don’t want to share. Served fresh and pipping hot, these chicken wings are so crispy with tender, juicy meat encased within. Every bite is so addictive and finger licking good that the sided Wasabi & Beef Consomme Dip is unessential, but it is worth making a dip on it to bring a kick of piquant flavour. The girl likes the dipping, making it another addictive part for this starter.

Kaki Fry (RM17.90)
Continue on we have fresh oyster cocooned in deep fried shell. Come beautifully arranged in perfect golden brown, we have a bite on this oval shape Kaki Fry and immediately get blown away by the crispy crackling of breaded shell followed by plump and juiciness of osyter oozing out. So satisfying.  Ideal with a chilled shot of sake.

Fire Oyster Roll Sushi (RM18.90)
Apart from that, Watami also creatively turns the deep fried oyster into maki sushi by enveloping it soft, fluffy sushi rice. And that is not all, it is smothered generously with tartar sauce and top on with a shower of chilli pepper and chilli sauce to bring a twist of flavours, whetting up the appetite. Overall is passable, better if the sushi rice can be rolled firmer, tighter.

Spider Roll Sushi (RM21.90)
Deep fried soft shell crab handsomely rolled with fresh lettuce, sliced vegetables, sushi rice and dusted with fish roe. Vibrant in colours, good in texture, this maki will definitely earn as one of the most popular rolls in Watami. Served alongside with bitter sweet Yakitori mayo sauce.

Salmon & Avocado Roll Sushi (RM21.90)
As the Autumn season is drawing in, abundance of fresh new ingredients are presented in Watami tables in Japan. Good news for Watami fans in Malaysia, as some of these seasonal good taste are available in Malaysia too! Salmon & Avacado Roll Sushi is one of them, having delicately sliced salmon and imported avocados layer over sushi rolled with shredded cucumber and pickled daikon. Mouthly of creaminess and authenticity, with crisp vegetable to give a contrasting texture.

Terriyaki Salmon (RM22.90)
Hearty portion of grilled salmon steak drizzled with sweet and savoury teriyaki sauce with a side of baked potato, brocoli, corn and cheery tomatoes. Mouthful of flaky softness and omega-3 goodness.

Nagasaki Chanpon-fu Ramen (RM26.90)
Origin from Fujian, China, this Nagasaki-style ramen is adopted and made local by residents of Nagasaki in Kyushu. The first taste of the noodles gave us a misconception of ‘Yee Mee’, just firmer and more springy in texture, while the mixed vegetables have a taste of stir fried. Only to know later that the ramen and vegetables are first stir fried to bring out flavours before ladled over with scoops, of steaming hot pork broth, slow cooked for hours. No wonder.

Tokyo Meibutsu Stamina Don (RM15.90)
Juicy slices of marinated pork topping over a bed of Japanese rice, crowned with raw sunny egg yolk. Tossed the raw egg evenly with the rest to result in a bowl of creamy, moist yet flavourful don. This don is available on weekdays from 11am to 5pm as Set Lunch, come together with salad and miso soup.

Kushiyaki Miso Onigiri (RM9.90)
Come in four petite size, the rice ball skewer is something interesting to nibble on. Grill to dry and crisp outside and chewy inside, the rice ball boasts a burnt flavour with a hint of saltiness from Miso Paste and chopped bacon topping over.
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant

1st Floor, Rainforest,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
1 Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Contact no: 03-7727 1399
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