Kuriya Japanese Restaurant @ Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC)

Our first visit to Bangsar Shopping Centre was the Burp! (read HERE), a trendy food court with a wide range of cuisines  under one roof. At that time, the mall was still new, foot traffic is quite loose but now, more and more restaurants and cafes have planted their footsteps here. By far, those very few we have visited, including Marquise Patisserie (read HERE), Twenty.One Tables (read HERE), Dancing fish, fares really well.

This time, we ventured into a Japanese Restaurant located at the 3rd floor of Bangsar Shopping Centre, named Kuriya Japanese Restaurant. The entire restaurant is spacious, with hue yellow lighting, wooden furnishing and grey texture wall that create a calm, cozy atmosphere.

Sushi bar, public dining area and private rooms made up the main dining area In Kuriya Japanese Restaurant. Well designed and suitable for intimate, friends, family and corporate dining.

Yee Sang (RM38.00)
Same as many other restaurants, Kuriya Japanese Restaurant also launches a few Yee Sang choices to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Their Yee Sang comes in standard and special set, depends on the ingredients and is priced from RM38.00++ onwards. Let’s toss the prosperity together for a better, more colourful year ahead!

We then started the meal with Chef Appetizer Special priced at RM20 per head. Beautifully presented with a myriad of colours, these appetisers are definitely a piece of art that you will make you WOW for seconds.

Scallop topped over with fish roe. Scallop is juicy, sharp saltiness is the main element that brings a contrast to the sweetness of scallop, added with popping fun from fish roe. Sliced cucumber and mashed raddish are more than just side decoration, have them together with the scallop for a more refreshing taste.

Broiled octopus is our favourite among all. The small plate combines octopus, braised quail egg and avocado that don’t seem to match each other, but surprisingly turn out good. When the bounciness of octopus kick off with the creamy, rich avocado,we agree that this combination is brilliant.

Flavourful smoke duck roll sided with edamame, and Japanese anchovies next. Whether it will become your favourite, it is depends on individual.

We like the petite quail egg at the first glance, so adorable. Have it with the tofu hidden beneath to get a mouthful of tofu softness and egg fragrance satisfaction. Great.

Chef Recommendation Feb Set Dinner (RM98.00)
February Set dinner promotion in conjunction with Kuriya Special ‘winter food fair’. A valuable set that consists of five monthly appetizer, chef recommended assorted sashimi, crab & oyster tofu gratin, seafood steamboat Japanese style, chef Omakase 4 kind Nigiri Sushi, and monthly dessert.

Seafood Steamboat Japanese Style
Generous ingredients immersed in a pot of nourishing, full flavoured soup which has gathered the sweetness of seafood such as clams, prawns, scallops,etc. Love the vegetables which have fully absorb the essence of soup, plump and oozing with great flavours once biting through.

Creamy Mango Custard nestled with cherries, orange, apple, strawberries, etc., laced with beautiful sugar net. Sweet, tangy and juicy, this dessert builds a pleasant concoction that will end your set meal with a sweet note.

Seafood & Wagyu Beef Sizzling with Salmon Sashimi and Fruits Set Lunch (RM38.00)
Apart from dinner, set lunch is also available. Smaller portion but complete with salad, Chawanmushi, seafood & assorted beef sizzling style, steamed rice & miso soup, salmon sashimi and fruits that will still make you leave with a full stomach.

Omakase Unagi Maki (RM120.00)

One of the signature dishes in Kuriya, also a dish that shock us with its huge portion. Whole Unagi generously topped over sushi roll, double the size of the normal Unagi maki roll. So HUGE. A total bliss to unagi lover, as you can enjoy the smoky, soft unagi smothered with sweet sauce heartily.

Australian Wagyu Aburi Yaki (RM68 for 60g, RM88 for 100g)
Australian Wagyu beef with marble grade 7, lightly seasoned with salt and pepper then grilled over Sumiyaki Charcoal, imported charcoal with less ashh and less smoke, making your DIY charcoal grill experience more enjoyable.

Jikasei Tofu (RM12.00)
Specially recommended by the restaurant, carefully handmade by the chef. A big difference with the usual smooth, soft tofu, as it is coarse in texture and rather pale in taste, so additional wasabi is needed to complement the mild flavour, goes well with sake too. But as we savor slowly in small portion, we started to appreciate the soya fragrance that gradually develop in the palate.

Ika Shioyaki (RM18.00)
Get a whole squid that is lightly seasoned with only salt, and broiled. Simple cooking method without any extra dressing, served in an unappealing state too. But don’t judge until you get a taste on it. It was so bouncy and fresh, we manage to finish the whole big portion even though we were already quite full while ordering this. No sauce needed, for it tastes best at this original flavour.

Soba Abekawa (RM10.80)
First time trying on these soba balls with red beans and soy bean powder. Interesting dessert but not a sweet treat that can easily draw liking from the crowd, unless you are mochi lover like Sumemrgirl. It has a very soft and very chewy texture, much more chewy and sticky than Japanese mochi, very similar to local Nyonya kueh “Loh mai chi”.

Oshiruko (RM8.80)
Very thick red bean soup coupled with soba balls. A version that Summergirl likes, for they having visible red beans for extra bites, but the soup is a little too sweet for our liking. Good at the first fe spoonfuls to tone down the greasiness from mains, but not finishing up the whole bowl.

Photography: Summer
Write up: YLing

Kuriya Japanese Restaurant
Bangsar Shopping Centre,
T2, 3rd Floor,
285 Jalan Maarof,
Taman Bukit Bandaraya,
59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Business hour: 11.30am -10.30pm daily
Contact: 03 – 2093 9242
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KuriyaJapaneseRestaurant