Naked Restaurant & Bar @ Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas

Naked Restaurant & Bar at Plaza Damas Sri Hartamas KL, a worth-discovered restaurant Owned by KL-based investment expert Marco Robinson. Naked Restaurant & Bar welcomes diner with a space of passionate, where you can bare it all and be yourself. The reason that why the restaurant is named Naked, is they want diners to experience a whole new degree of self-satisfaction, trying out food and beverage created by a group of honest, passionate souls. So, read on and see the great dishes we had tried out during our visit!

Naked restaurant is divided into two sections, where the ground floor is served as a bar with exciting cocktails and great music to turn your night alive till late; while the upper floor focuses on warm and cozy ambience, allowing diners to lay back and enjoy their food.

Either the bar or restaurant, Naked Restaurant take both seriously. The executive chef, Nigel Ritcher is an expert in Contemporary Western cuisine, he pays respect to his preference of French and European style cooking. The mixologist, Joshua Ivanokic holds a strong profile. He is the World Champion Mixologist, as well as the founder of Cocktail Solutions, the place where you can find customized, ready-to-drink bottled cocktails.

The Romaine Emperor (RM18.00)
Our meal at Naked Restaurant started with The Romaine Emperor. Practically a Caeser Salad, with crisp romaine lettuce tossed in a creamy lemon dressing, topped with garlic butter croutons and freshly shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano, finished with a squeeze of lemon. Diners can opt for Half Dressed which consists of only lemon juice and salt; Fully Loaded with house creamy lemon dressing or Naked where there’s no dressing. We like to have in Fully Loaded, for the zesty taste helps lifting up the overall flavours.

Naked House Salad (RM25.00)
Assorted highland leaves and crunchy snap peas with roasted chicken breast tossed in NAKED’s house herb dressing, finished with feta cheese, grain crisps, candied almond and shaved radish. Colours and texture loaded aside, we like the idea of having Indian muruku strips into the salad, adding an Asian touch to this Western staple.

Fightless Wings (RM24.00)

We were served with two types of Fightless Wings- Hot sauce and Mano Barbeque. Which one is better, it is much depends on individual. But being a spicy food lover, of course we’ll recommend the chicken wings brushed in hot sauce- a spicy kick that whet up the appetite, yet finger licking good. You are welcomed to tone down the spiciness with blue cheese sauce serving along.

Petite Burgers (RM29.00)
As the name suggested, Naked Restaurant Petite Burgers arrived in cute and petite size, but still too big to tuck the whole in one mouthful. Though small, it can be filling, as between the two warm toasted bun, there’s thick pan seared marinated beef patties, onion rings, pickles, melted aged chedder piling up, dressed with spicy mayo. Do order for sharing if you don’t want to have your stomach filled up at the beginning of your meal.

Sweet Potato Chips (RM18.00)
French Fries is the common snack appears in most menus, same goes to Naked Restaurant & Bar but they have something more interesting running on the menu- Sweet Potato Chips. Cut into long strips and deep fried, these chips are crispy outside, mashy soft inside with a pleasant sweetness that balanced well with the saltiness of freshly shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano. Served with truffle aioli.

Lady Finger Frito (RM16.00)
A deep fried item that fares very much like Japanese vegetable tempura, having thinly sliced lady fingers tossed in paprika flavoured batter, coated with bread crumbs and fried till crisp. Served along with cucumber mini yogurt dip. Special but not towards our liking.

The Naked House Cod Fish (RM48.00)
Pan seared cod fillet with herb butter served over a bed of potato puree, dressed in charred red pepper vinaigrette and garnished with with fresh shaved fennel and pea shoot salad.

Naked Restaurant ‘s Twisted Lamb Loin(RM46.00)
Roasted Lamb Loin with carrot puree and roasted garlic, dressed with lamb jus, topped with crisp shallot rings, sided with potato puree and sauteed seasonal vegetables. Smoky, very lean and no gamey taste, we mistakenly treated it as beef in the beginning.

Naked House Pasta (RM49.00)
A very hearty portion of orecchetti pasta cooked with sauteed tiger prawns, potatoes, asparagus, baby leeks in a extra creamy and thick fennel cream sauce, crowned over with smoked salmon and fine herbs. The herbs flavour reminds us the Chicken Tikke Marsala Pasta in Twenty.One, light but aromatic.Everything is good but it is best to be shared among two, else you will end up feeling cloying as the sauce is seriously rich.

The Naked House Pizza (RM39.00)
We love Naked Restaurant House Pizza, having freshly rolled thin crust spread over with house made tomato sauce and topped with seasonal garlic roasted vegetables, goat cheese, roasted chicken breast, pickled jalapenos, red onions, mushrooms, roasemary, whole milk mozarella, finished with chives and aged balsamic reduction. Crust is very thin, with a dryness that Summergirl likes, but slightly hard and tough to chew on.

The French Lust (RM22.00)
Coming to dessert, we tried out Naked Restaurant The French Lust- A complicated flavours combining silky smooth brulees vanilla custard, chocolaty bites from biscuits crumbs, sourish sensation from fresh seasonal fruits plus with chilling touch of chantilly ice cream.

Ko Ko Kinabalu (RM20.00)
Another try of chocolate molten lava cake that is equally good, having hot melted chocolate to coat with the moist chocolate cake. This Ko Ko Kinabalu stands out for its coffee soil topping, a fragrant bitterness that comes in at a right level to balance up the very dense chocolaty.

A La Minute Waffles (RM20.00)
Naked Restaurant called this dessert A La Minute Waffles, because the waffle is prepared fresh upon order with a choice of the freshest seasonal fruit & berries/warm salted caramel sauce/seductive Beigian chocolate sauce/ coconut kaya spread/ warm canadian maple syrup/ selection of gourmet ice cream. We have ours topped over with gourmet ice cream, and it’s definitely a great choice. Waffles is warm with crisp edge, developing a faint hint of egg aroma. We enjoy eating only the waffles, but pairing it with the icy cold ice cream is another wonderful level.

Cool Bananas (RM28++)
After dinner, we made a move Naked Restaurant ‘s downstairs to try out  few creative cocktails.  Each and every cocktail is unique in their own way, so get more hits and misses, and you may found yours here. Cool Banana is not bad too,  mixing rum base with lime, sugar, fresh banana. Spotted the “dophin eating cherry” decoration.

Bloody Gardens (RM22++)
A drink that housed in a garden-like container to match its name, Bloody Gardens. It has the best presentation among the four drinks we had tried out, yet stamped as the drink with weirdest taste. It comprises of Vodka, lime juice, tomato juice, celery juice with a dash of sugar. Recommended for those who seek for a adventurous taste.

Mr Tiki (RM22++)
This is definitely our favourite from the bar of Naked Restaurant, as it is easy to drink. Thanks to the tropical combination of fresh pineapple, rum, lime juice, orange and sugar that resulted in a smooth, mild flavour.

Tequila Re-formo (RM24.00)
Tequila Re-formo has Mexican spice syrups and orange peel as the main elements, making up a drink that develops a thorny sensation to the throat. Still acceptable. So enjoy and drink up.

In short, our dinner in Naked Restaurant & Bar was a pleasant one, Cod Fish and Sweet Potato Chips are highly recommended, and from the bar,  we love Mr Tiki.

Photographer: Summer
Write up: YLing

NAKED Restaurant & Bar
Address: Block E-0-2 & E-1-2, Plaza Damas
No. 6, Jalan Hartamas 1,
Taman Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03 – 6206 1623
Opening Hours: 10am – 11pm