Tastefully Food & Beverage Expo 2015 @ Mid Valley KL

Tastefully Food & Beverage Expo 2015 continues to drive throngs of consumers to visit Mid Valley Megamall Exhibition Centre Kuala Lumpur on 31st July till 2nd August 2015 for irresistible deals, promotions and bargains.

1) myteancoffee.com Bru Kopi ( Booth S01 (B))

Being Malaysia’s Largest Food & Beverage Expo, Tastefully is doing better from year to year. The fair doesn’t offers only attractive promotions from different brands, but also new and potentials products which you will not be able to get in hypermarkets. Taking www.myteancoffee.com for example, the company specializes in coffee and tea which can only be purchased online. Famous Japanese-style drip bag coffee (Bru Kopi), honey ginger tea, pure ginger tea, and and misai kucing tea are worth trying out. Check out more at: BruKopi, mycoffee, myteancoffee .

2) Bean & Beans (Booth 149)

Beans & Beans is something interesting. Taking from the idea that busy city people nowadays love having instant noodles, Beans & Beans has decided to come up with food in similar concept and packaging, but healthier – Red Bean Instant Dessert and Green Bean Instant Dessert. Just pour hot water, wait for few minutes, there you go, a cup of comfort sweet soup ideal for breakfast or dessert time. It reminds us our favorite traditional Chinese Tong Sui like Green Bean Soup, Red Bean Soup, Bubur Chacha, etc.. Now we can have it anytime, anywhere, though slightly different in taste but equally delicious. Check out more at : www.beans.my

3) BIOGROW Oat BG 22 (Booth S03 & S03A)

Throughout the years, BIOGROW has helped to improve health level of many people. Their best seller, Oat BG22 Oat Bran Powder is fully made of Swedish oat bran. Each serving contains 20% oat beta-glucan with high molecular weight (2,200 kDa) which ensures the formation of a thick viscous gel in the intestines. Studies have shown that high viscosity effect produced by oat beta-glucans in the intestines is important to ensure optimal cholesterol-lowering effect. The product is launching new flavour soon, added with Strawberry or Peach Oat BG22. You can try them out first at Tastefully Mid Valley, only RM150 for 3 tins.  Check out more at : www.biogrow.com.my

4) Marathon Globe 馬拉松地球牌 (Booth 131 & 132)

Marathon Globe Brand, the supplier and manufacturer for Superior Quality Sesame Oil, 100% Pure Black Sesame Oil sells sesame oil, Handmade Vermicelli, Sarawak Pepper Powders, Hock Chew Mee Suah, Handmade Mee Qian, Salt Baked Chicken Spice Mix is also here at Tastefully. Get their premium sesame oil at special price. Check out more at their website Low Seat Hoon Sesame Oil

5) Cheffaro (Booth B11)

Cheffaro from ES Food Sdn Bhd is a well-known brand in Malaysia selling Authentic Malaysian Cuisine Pastes. Cheffaro aims to bring out the best flavours of Malaysian cuisine in convenient packet form, so that it can be cooked straight away with fresh ingredients such as chicken, vegetables, seafood,noodles. Suitable for everyone, whether you are inexperienced cook, or a person busy with work but need to put meals on table for your family everyday. Rendang Paste, Chicken Curry Paste, Sambal Petai Paste, Curry Laksa Pasta, Assam Fish Paste, Prawn Noodles Paste, pick your favourite. Check out more on Cheffaro facebook or website.

6) Rich Mama 富媽媽 (Booth 172 & 173)

Rich Mama is an extension brand from their parent company Fusipim Sdn Bhd, focusing on ready to cook frozen seafood product best for steamboat or hotpot. Cheese Fish Tofu, Vege Fish Balls, Salmon Fish Balls, Fish Cakes, etc.. are all available.

7) Dareo Chocolate (Booth 349)

Dareo Chocolate is recognized as the expert in producing premium chocolate. Their chocolate is marketed overseas, actively outreaching export markets in Asia Pacific, Middle East and the European Union. 85% Dark Chocolate, Almond Milk Dragee, Tiramisu Almond Milk Dragee, Fruit-infused 2 Layers Dragee are some of the highlighted chocolates. Do drop by at Tastefully Expo for more information on the brand, business partnership and more.

8) Lee Kum Kee 李錦記 (Booth 260 / Hall 2)

Lee Kum Kee, the Hong Kong based leading oyster sauce manufacturer needs no further introduction in Malaysia. Definitely a good news for loyal supporters of Lee Kum Kee to see it at Tastefully Expo Mid Valley, as they can grab more bottles of Lee Kum Kee Soy Sauce, Sesame Sauce, Sweet Soy Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Abalone Sauces and newly launched Mahsuri Oyster Flavoured Sauce at better price!

9) F&N (Booth 222-229 / Hall 2)

F&N Beverages & Marketing Sdn. Bhd., is one of the platinum sponsors in Tastefully Expo 2015 Mid Valley. We have been using F&N sweetened condensed and evaporated milk rich with milky goodness in making cakes, soups, curry, drinks for long, yet never get bored on their products as there is always new recipe to experiment with. In the expo, we learnt something new too- Minuman Kahwin F&N, which mixed together Krimer Manis with Krimer Sejat F&N. Less sugar, healthier version of teh tarik, but maintaining the good taste as normal teh tarik.

10) Saudi Gold (Booth 250-251 / Hall 2)

Saudi Gold products, the Saudi group’s flagship brands that can be found in all major retail outlets throughout Malaysia. Burger patty, sausages, nugget, pastries are noteworthy. Check them out more on www.saudee.com.

11) Auric Pacific (Booth 123- 128)

Amor Magerine at only RM3 for 1KG. Super cheap! Great for baking, or as bread spread. YBARRA pure olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, buttercup butter. We got few SCS butter at only RM9 per block of 250g. Lotte Choco Pie from Korea is priced at RM6 per box of 12, Roco Star Chocolate buy 2 at RM7. Such a good deal. How to say no to?

12) 金滿堂手信坊(Booth 175 – 176)

Mama Health introduces Jin Man Tang from Taiwan. The brand is fame for their ginger tea helmed with lots of benefits such as dispelling, dampness, improve gastrointestinal. Check out their Honey with chrysanthemum, cordyceps burdock tea, brown sugar ginger tea, brown sugar ginger tea with red dates and longan, sea birdnest with red dates and wolfberries, brown sugar winter melon tea healthy tea series at Tastefully.

13) Pacific Blend Coffee, Borggardens Pasta (Booth 360-361)

One of our favourite stall in Tastefully Expo Mid Valley, because they have Borggardens Pasta, made in Italy. Eating at home is made easier now, especially when there are so many pre-packed food that save all the hassles. For this Borggardens Pasta, just add hot water, cooked for about 7 minutes and violaa, tasty pasta ideal for 2 pax is ready. Blue Ribbon coffee from the same stall grab our attention for their charming, pretty packaging. Taste good too.