Take A Look at Lai Ching Yuen New Menu, Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur

Lai Ching Yuen at Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur, a Chinese restaurant prides for their lush sensory experience as much as their gastronomic journey, has introduces a brand new ala-carte menu, crafted by talented Executive Chef Terence Foong along with his team of culinary brigade.

Stewed Stuffed Sea Cucumber with Shimeiji Mushrooms and Bean Curd

Putting together the core of traditional Cantonese dishes with a touch of modernity on presentation and cooking techniques, Lai Ching Yuen’s latest menu is a testament to the inventive nature of the cuisine itself. Best flavours, textures and freshness possible to every diner.

Signature Ombak Style Tiger Grouper, Sauteed with Soy

Among the new additions include Stuffed White Mushroom with Pork & Shrimp in Marmite Sauce, Smoked Duck Breast with Chef’s Special Dressing, Crispy German Pork Trotter, Braised Crab Meat & Fresh Fish Maw Soup, Stewed Stuffed Sea Cucumber with Shimeji Mushrooms & Bean Curd, Wok-Fried Bei Fong Style Prawns, Crisp-Fried Cuttlefish with Salt & Pepper, Baked Pork Ribs with Lemon Grass, Fried Rice with Goose Liver Paste & Pine Nuts, White Rabbit Sherbet and must-try signature Ombak Style Tiger Grouper, Sauteed with Soy.

Stuffed White Mushroom with Pork and Shrimp in Marmite Sauce

We went for a dinner at Lai Ching Yuen last week, and managed to sample these dishes with a group of friends. Started with Stuffed White Mushroom with Pork and Shrimp in Marmite Sauce. Bite-size, with half of the texture bouncy almost like fishball, while the other half burst with juicy sweetness of mushroom.

Smoked Duck Breast with Chef’s Special Dressing

Thinly sliced smoked duck placed over julienne cucumber and dressed with chef’s special dressing. Rich and full flavour, pairing well with cucumber for refreshing crisp, further added with spicy sweet sauce that opens up the appetite.

Crispy German Pork Trotter

Sinful, but delicious enough to make you go for another few more pieces. Crispy skin, set off by gelatinous fat and tender,moist meat. There’s always a reason to put calories control aside when we havc such a beautiful dish served.

Braised Crab Meat and Fresh Fish Maw Soup

Wok Fried Bei Fong Tong Style Prawns

The previous time when we had Work Fried Bei Fong Tong Prawns in Lai Ching Yuen, prawns are with shell. But this time, in the new menu, we are glad that they have gone de-shelled. We can enjoy more flavours of Bei Fong Tong – the superb garlicky, spicy taste of it directly coated to these fresh, bouncy prawns, together with crunch of almond flakes.

Crispy Fried Cuttlefish with Salt & Pepper

If you are here dining with wine, beer or cocktails, both the Wok Fried Bei Fong Tong Prawns and this Crispy Fried Cuttlefish with Salt & Pepper are awesome match to your alcoholic drinks.

Baked Pork Ribs with Lemon Grass

Highly recommended. The taste reminds us about pork satay, but a whole lot better meat texture. Meaty, juicy cut of pork ribs, with a great depth of lemon grass flavour, thanks to the perfect marination hours.

Fried Rice with Goose Liver Paste & Pine Nuts

Roasted pork fried rice, seafood fried rice and so forth are always our favourite but when comparing to this Fried Rice with Goose Liver & Pine Nuts, the former may be a little to main stream. Like that it wasn’t oily, mild in taste, well suit diners who prefer their fried rice light.

Durian Yam Puff Dim Sum

Beside main course for lunch and dinner, Lai Ching Yuen is also renowned for their dim sum. A total more than 50 savoury and sweet selections, made live in the open show kitchen led by Master Chef Thye Yoon Kong. Braised Seafood Dumpling, Shanghainese Xiaolongbao, Deep Fried Bean Curd Roll with Shrimp, Szechuan Style Steamed Wonto are some of the must have, and not to forget – Durian Yam Puff ! This is really good! Gooey, creamy durian filling, oozing out from crispy deep fried yam shell as you bite through.

White Rabbit Sherbet

Before we began the meal, we were told that the surprise was waiting for us at the end of the meal. Couldn’t agree anymore when this White Rabbit Sherbet served to us. We expect to have just vanilla sherbet in the shape of rabbit, but it turned out to be a dessert infused with “Big White Rabbit” sweet, a snack that we had a lot during childhood time. Sweet, but feel so warmth having it. =D

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