Sunway Putra Mall, Mei Shi Zhuang (Kim Lian Kee, Lan Je, Little Hot Wok)

Kim Lian Kee Hokkien Mee, Lan Je Steamed Fish, Little Hot Wok Chinese Wine Chicken and more, get them all under one roof now at Mei Shi Zhuang 美食莊, Sunway Putra Mall Kuala Lumpur!

When we were running errands at Sunway Putra Mall KL last weekend and took the escalator up to Level 3 of the mall, we were surprised to see Kim Lian Kee, then Lan Je Steamed Fish, and Little Hot Wok, humbly located next to Seoul Garden, same row with Papparich, Big Apple Donuts & Coffee.

Asking one of the staffs if this was from the well-known Petaling Street Kim Lian Kee, Rawang Lan Je and so forth, he said yes, and highlighted that they just opened October last year. Glad to see this newly added F&B in Sunway Putra Mall though, as Chinese food is rarely available here.

Kim Lian Kee 金蓮記福建面

Signature Hokkien Mee 招牌福建面 RM14.90

Decided to have lunch here with our family after getting our work done. First things first, Hokkien Mee from Kim Lian Kee, an establishment that certainly needs no further introduction.

For years, Kim Lian Kee has been churning out delicious Hokkien Mee, featuring thick noodles stir-fried with signature dark sauce, pork slices, prawns and deep fried pork lard. No appealing appearance, just simple ingredients that work wonders when come together. Flavourful, with mild wok hei lies within the noodles. Never fail to love this local street delight.

Loh Mee 滷面 RM14.90

If you are looking for noodles with gravy, Loh Mee could be your choice. Chewy noodles, immersed in a bowlful of thick, pipping hot egg drop gravy, further topped with meat slices, prawns, vegetables and the irresistible star – crispy deep fried pork lard. This dish is on the light side, hence the homemade chilli sauce served along clocks in just right, adding spicy oomph to heighten up the overall flavours.

Restaurant Lan Jie Tilapia 萬繞蘭姐一人一魚

Accompanied our meal with steamed fish – An order not from any random stall but the reputable Lan Jie, which has been long famous for their tilapia steamed fish 兰姐清蒸非洲鱼.

Lan Je Tilapia 兰姐清蒸非洲鱼 RM20.90/small; RM22.90/medium

Never thought that we could have this in a mall. Medium size tilapia steamed to just right, retaining the moist, softness and natural sweetness of fish, flavoured with soy sauce, chilli, minced ginger and cilantro liberally topped over.

Price for each fish is quite affordable, RM20.90 for small, RM22.90 for medium. This is to the remain the 一人一魚 concept of Lan Jie Restaurant, which means “one person can have one fish”. If having whole fish is too much for you, suggest to go to their set meal. A combo of half fish, vegetables, tofu and rice is just RM19.90.

Steamed Chicken 蒸雞 RM14.00

Other than steamed fish, diners can also opt for Steamed Chicken, Steamed Minced Meat RM11, Steamed Bean Curd RM9, Steamed Egg RM9 and Steamed Lady Fingers RM8.

Little Hot Wok

Pork & Chicken Spicy Soup 豬肉和雞肉辣湯

Little Hot Wok is the stall which offers the most extensive menu in this 3-in-1 Mei Shi Zhuang restaurant. Savour from individual rice plates such as Kampung Fried Rice, Yong Chow Fried Rice, Black Pepper Chicken Rice, Curry Chicken Rice to Pork Meat Porridge, Chicken Porridge; noodles including Fried Mee Mamak, Singapore Fried Mee, Penang Fried Koay Teow, Braised Yee Mee, Fried Ramen, Cantonese Hor Fun;  and sharing dishes like Stir Fried Pork Belly with Salted Fish, Black Vinegar Trotter, Stir Fried Chicken with Chinese Wine, Pork & Chicken Spicy Soup, and the list goes on. Selections are wide enough, something for everyone if you are looking for reasonably priced local and Asian fares.

Stir Fried Chicken with Chinese Wine 花雕雞肉

Had a try on their Pork & Chicken Soup and Stir Fried Chicken Wine. Peppery, but very soothing down the throat as we sip on, with mellow finish for the former. Not bad, but the latter is our bigger favourite. Served in a claypot, this largely cut chicken pieces are so tender, thickly coated in savoury sauce that pack a punch, laced with subtle hints of Hua Diao Jiu (Chinese Rice Wine). Best with a bowl of rice. Recommended.

End your meal in a sweet note with Little Wok Dessert of the Day. Red Bean Soup, Barley Fu Zhok Soup, Sweet Potato Soup, Sweet Papaya Soup are available on different days. So check them out!

Overall comment: Personally, we feel that it is a good idea to have Mei Shi Zhuang, bringing well-known eateries into a mall. Not only locals can enjoy these classic Chinese favourites, tourists who can’t make it to the original shop can also check them out at Sunway Putra Mall, since this mall can be easily accessed by LRT public transport. Very convenient.

If you have a sudden craving for non-halal Chinese food when shopping in Sunway Putra Mall, head right to Mei Shi Zhuang.

Mei Shi Zhuang 美食莊 (Non-halal)

L3.26, L3.26A, L3.26C (*same row with Papparich, Seoul Garden)
Level 3, Sunway Putra Mall,
100, Jalan Putra, Chow Kit,
50350 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: 10AM – 10PM
Nearest Public Transprt: Align at PWTC LRT Station