J.CO Donuts and Coffee @ Sunway Pyramid

“ EGGcuse me EGGcuse me…go away mr. chocolate go away miss strawberry..Is my turn to ride the DONUT boat”…

Yesterday, I was dragged by my girl to J. Co Donut..just to have a look at the J. Cool Yogurt. =.=”

I accidentally noticed some donuts which were “outstanding” from those colourful decorated donuts.They looked like BURGER. Yeap..one of them is called J.Club Omelette. It looks like burger but called sandwich..why leh? Don’t know. and Don’t care..as long as it caught my heart. We immediately got into the line to buy one..hee.

While waiting for our turn, this scene happened….
Woman : “I DON’T WANT THE ONE WITH HOLE IN THE MIDDLE!  I WANT THE ONE WITH FILLING INSIDE…!!! ” (* well I didn’t know what filled donut she wanted, but her BIG voice got my attention)

Waiter : Sorry miss..for the flavour ..you have to wait for half an hour…

Woman: “ WHAT?! HALF AN HOUR?!” ( * she raised up her voice even more..)

Waiter: “ Yea…half an hour….”

Woman: “ I JUST WANT THE ONE WITH FILLING INSIDE WHY NEED HALF AN HOUR?!” ( * more “ chang gei” [Cantonese: fierce + rude]…didn’t she aware that pairs of eyes were looking at her?)

Waiter: “………………………..”

Woman: “ NEVERMIND! GIVE ME ThIS ONE AND THAT ONE TWO..!!” ( * her face was so BLACK at that time..halloween ooo halloween…)

Waiter: “ this one….and hmm…that one…?” ( * I could see the waiter was scare and getting more and more polite..)

Woman: “ YEA LAH!  THIS ONE AND THAT ONE…AND CUT INTO HALF!!…” (* I felt so wanna ask her to shut up)

The waiter filled up the box with donuts and closed the box.

Woman: “ I said CUT INTO HALF! ( * aiyo…get scolded again…)

Me and my girl looked at each other and : “ ……………………………”

So the waiter open the box again….but he never cut the donut into half..hahaha.
Ended up the friendly worker at the paying counter helped to cut the donuts into half)

Well..anyway we don’t wanna let the rude woman spoilt our mood. We got ourselves a small round table at the corner.
And my girl asked me : “ Am I as fierce as her?”
She asked again: “ why she so fierce ooooo?”
I said : “ Because she came all the way just to buy the donut with duno what filling but ended up need to wait for half an hour..”

My girl : “ ooooo…but no need so fierce also de mar…..”

Ok…fine…too much of on scene story. BACK.
My girl likes the box…very much.  She always like boxes and paper bags.. and I don’t know why..>__

J. Club Omelette ( RM3.43)

The donut bun was soft and fluffy.

A slice of cheese, fresh cabbage and omelette was sandwiched into halved donut bun.
Creative yet cute looking.

At the price of RM3.43, I expected the omelette to be just fried egg. But I was wrong. The omelette was stuffed with thinly cut chicken sausage, and hint of pepper added a kick to the omelette.

J. Club Salami ( RM3.43)
A few days later, we were back to J.Co Donut and tried out another type of the “burger”, J. Club Salami. Sadly to say that it was bland and I was kinda dissapointed with it. The cheese was hard and dry because it was exposed to the air for quite a long time I guess. The salami tasted like  tasteless “bak gua”

Open up the top slice bun revealed the miserably look vege and pickle..>_

Overall, we like the bun. But you need to like donut bun in the first place. Else the bun may be too oily for you. We gonna come back again for the tuna and cheese filling donut.

J.Co Donuts & Coffee
Sunway Pyramid.