Curry Mee at Bukit Serdang : Best Midnight Curry Mee for Supper

There’s one curry mee stall in Bukit Serdang, operates only from 9PM onwards till late night. It is by far one of the best curry mee we found in Klang Valley – Rich broth helmed with lots of flavours, generously loaded with ingredients.
The stall doesn’t have a proper shop sign, nor shop lot. It is located right opposite to the famous Hoi Tong Steamboat Restaurant in Bukit Serdang, at the corner of the T-junction. Not too difficult to locate actually, as it is the only brightly lit area after midnight.
The stall opens every night except Monday, roughly at 9PM until 3AM. The stall is busiest at 12AM, surprisingly.  Plastic tools and foldable tables, zinc roof tops, hot and stuffy surroundings – a not so inviting space that have throngs of crowd to visit for a bowl of superb curry mee.  At times, you might have to wait for an empty table if  the place was full house.
What makes the curry noodles more noteworthy is the chilli served on tables. Dry version with crispy bits and fiery hot sambal version. Add a spoonful to your curry mee, it does the kick.
Toppings are more than just bean sprouts, bean curds, poached chicken and long beans, which are commonly seen in many KL cafes serving curry mee. Bukit Serdang midnight curry mee version stands proudly with their deep fried pork cutlet (zha yuk) – crispy, chewy, laced with a taste of Nam Yu to please. Fu zhok , deep fried wantans are some of the ingredients you get to dig in from the bowl.
Every time when we visit, we will opt for wantan mee instead of yellow noodles and rice noodles It goes really well with their curry soup, with beautiful layer of orange red oil on top. Slurp~~
Craving for good curry noodles at supper hour. Serdang curry mee is the best place to look for. High cholesterol food to have at night, but..OK la, eat once in a while.