Tenji2 @ Bandar Puteri Puchong [CLOSED DOWN}

“I was dissapointed'” My girl said.
“Me too.” I said.
But no more when we were informed that Tenji2 will be offering ALA CARTE MENU this coming DECEMBER. And most importantly, it will be of the same price!
My girl came across this advertisement few days ago and both of us excitedly booked a place for the lunch buffet.

We went in happily and ended up feeling dissappointed.
We didn’t see healthy herbal soup, creamy carbonara pasta, crunchy soft shell crab,refreshing young coconut and many more long-missing food we once tasted in Tenji Solaris Mont Kiara.
Nicole and Me
But later on, the secretary of the Tenji2 General Manager approached us at our table.
We remember her, my girl had been uttering beside my ear at the paying counter saying that : ” Eh…the girl very pretty leh..smile so nice..=).”
She was the one who ushered us to our dining table.
Her name was Nicole. A pretty nice girl with a pretty good smile.
She apologized to the shortage of workers and service, so as the food spread.
Yea, the buffet spread was kinda less if compared with the one in Solaris Mont Kiara.
But she brought us a GOOD NEWS.
She apologized again ( * real polite =D ) for the limited variety served and this will continue until December. She continued that by December, Tenji2 will be offering much more variety in the buffet spread and customers can even order ala carte food from MENU. Nice right?
So guys, mark your calender on DECEMBER for Tenji2 ala carte Buffet !
So, just have a look with the spread they offer this moment..=)

Appetizers Corner

Sushi and Sashimi Corner

Sushi and Sashimi Corner

Cold Prawns

Fresh and juicy.

Sushi was quite OK.

For some of the food I can hardly named them because there was no food caption beside all those dish. I could only briefly figure out their name.

Grilled Squid
The squid was grilled nicely and the tangy yet spicy sauce went just nice with the squid.

Grilled chicken
The meat was tender, falvourful and the gravy was yummy.

The topping was cheesy but the pizza base was not fluffy and tasted like bread which had been left aside for few days. Not really recommended.

Saute Eggplant. NICE..

Dim Sum Corner

Siew Mai

Tempura Corner


Fried Fish Ball

Lamb Shoulder
Juicy, tender and grilled to perfection. It is delicious enough to eat without accompanied by any gravy or sauce.

(left) Stir Fried Sausages with Onion
The sausages were average. But the onion was surprisingly flavorful and fragrant.
(right) Sweet and Sour Fish
Appetizing and tasty.

(left) Cheese Scallop
Cheesy yet juicy. It ran out fast in the tray and the chef kept refilling the tray with fresh baked cheese scallop.
(right) Prawn Tempura
The prawn was rolled in yam paste, breaded and fried into golden brown. Full of crispiness in every bite. Love this!

There were metal clips being placed on each table where you can choose the food you want and drop the clips in the bowl beside the dish displayed at the teppanyaki corner and the food will be served to your table upon ready.

(left) Stir-Fried Chicken
(right) Stir fried Enoki Mushroom

(left)  Prawn Teppanyaki
(Right) Tempura Nuggets

Roasted Lamb in the process. =)
I had been eyeing on it while walking up and down taking my food.
” When only it will be ready?” my heart shouted.

(left) Beef Teppanyaki
Nothing special.
(right) Roasted Lamb
The lamb was done after a long waiting. I walked away happily as the worker cut out two pieces of big fat roasted lamb into my plate. The lamb was meaty, tender and juicy. It went really well with the black pepper sauce.

Desserts Bar

Haagen Daz Ice Cream

Variety of cakes on the shelves.

Durian cake, Strawberry cake, Carrot cake

Chocolate Cupcake
Soft and chocolaty.

(left) Vanilla Swiss Roll with Chocolate
(right) Jelly with Peach

(left) Red Bean Mochi
(right) Strawberry Mousse Cake

Clockwise from top left: chocolate, cookies and cream, peach fruit, green tea. My girl especially like the green tea flavor and took many scoops of it.

The wafer was soft but lack of crispiness. It went well with the ice cream topping.

Chocolate Fountain
There are love letters, sugar candy, biscuit sticks, butter cookies as coating base. I found the melted chocolate was a bit diluted.

There were some fresh food for you after all the heavy foods. But the choices were limited.

Tenji 2
32-G, Dataran Puteri 3,
Jln Puteri 1/5, Bandar Puteri,
47100, Puchong, Selangor.
Tel: 1700-80-1878