Madam Kwan’s @ Mid Valley

Mid Valley was really boring. Yea… B-O-R-I-N-G.

We reached at one something in the afternoon, bought ticket and had our lunch and we already started to feel bored at three something. The worst thing is… we bought a 9.30 pm movie ticket. It was really torturing to wait for another few hours as we didn’t know what to do. My girl even thought of buying another movie ticket and had some movie marathon. Hmm quite a good idea but we didn’t do that at last.
Anyway, that was not the main point. We went for Madam Kwan’s for expensive Nasi Bojari and Nasi Lemak.
And came out feeling quite dissapointed.
Nasi Bojari (RM21.90)
I had seen in many foodblog saying that this is a must try dish in Madam Kwan’s and they said that it was large in serving. But when it came, I was quite disappointed as the portion was not huge at all. It came with spices blended rice, asam prawn, beef rendang, and a huge fried chicken thigh.
The beef rendang. At first I thought it was ikan bilis sambal. Turned out it was beef rendang, or I would precisely called it as “shredded beef rendang”.
The best part was the fried chicken thigh. It was very crispy outside, and really flavourful, juicy, fragrant, and tender inside. Loved it till the last bite.
Nasi lemak ( RM15.30)
The rice was really fragrant and tasted rich with the mix of coconut milk but the curry chicken was a total letdown. No doubt the gravy was very “lemak” but it was not the way I like.
Overall, I will say that Madam Kwan’s was quite overly priced considering that most of the food on the menu are local food. I can get a better plate of nasi lemak pile with great deal of ikan bilis sambal and rendang at outside hawker stall with just RM4.50 or maybe cheaper.
Madam Kwan’s
F-052, 1st Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.