My 22nd birthday

55… 56… 57… 58… 59…
Ting! Ting! Ting! Finally is 2nd of March!
Why am I so happy about this day? Because it was my birthday!
My girl ordered me a piece of lovely cheese cake from Starbucks and “da bao” a giant size double special burger with mushroom sauce from SS15 burger stall.
I had both of them inside Starbucks.
Not a good combination… especially it is my birthday… heee… but still I enjoy it very very much…
Tadaa… My lovely cheese cake. Simple but meaningful to me.
And the so-called giant size double special burger with mushroom sauce. It does look huge to me.

Then, I went back home and sleep and sleep and sleep… until I was awaken by a call…A call that asking me whether I am available at home or not because they need to send me a parcel.

” Bao bei, did you order anything online?” I asked.
” Dono…..” My girl mumbled.
She turned over and continue to sleep.
” Then why DHL call me and say there is a parcel for me?” I asked.
” Dono..” She replied.
And turned to another side and continue to sleep.
“……” me.
I kept on thinking who is sending me a parcel but I had no idea at all.
Then I continue to sleep and sleep…and then awaken by the second call..the delivery man was already outside my door step.

To my surprise! Tadaaa….This is the parcel I received..
When I opened the door, the delivery man told me “Hi, your girl asking me to give you a birthday surprise and this is the cupcakes she ordered for you.” I was so touched when I received it because I never thought of this. And now I realized why my girl asking me whether I’m at KL on 2nd of March or not now.

12 lovely cupcakes welcoming my birthday morning..=)
I can’t stop staring at them because they were very very cute.
My girl love this design the most…=)
Very cute and lovely right?

Hee…they are given by my girl. She made this special delivery and surprise for me and “geh si” ( * pretend ) sleeping when I asked her whether she made any online shopping delivery. I don’t know how much she had paid for the delivery fees but I know it must be not a small amount. Cheat me…So naughty..but nevermind…I loved them all…=D

Thank you so much my dear…=)
I appreciate what you had done for me.
I had another wonderful yet surprising birthday again this year.
Love you…