Spend RM5 and get 2 FREE McDonalds Big Breakfast

Everyone is talking about the 2 Free McDonalds Big Breakfast when you spend with just minimm RM5. Well… I’m not really interested in that at first, but after saw my friends kept on posting on their Facebook wall regarding that promotion, it started to attract me to get for it. Hoho.. Since it was so “dei (in cantonese)” , so why not I go get it for myself too!

So, my girl and me started off from Cyberjaya around 8am. When we reached there, both of us get shocked! It was such a long queue, even until the glass door. I told my girl then: ” Luckly we went out early a bit, if not sure have to wait till very very long.” My girl’s sister went for that too on tat day but she ended up eating at other place because of lazy to queue. Well… I do admit that I have a good patience in waiting. Hehe..

At first we thought we will get the nicer white paper packaging for the burger but too bad, the nice one finished and we had to get this yellow polystyrene one. My girl was a bit sad at that moment. Honestly, this one is indeed looked ugly and not GREEN at all.
My girl bought one ala carte sausage McMuffin and apple pie while me bought the hotcakes.
First time in my life I took 3 hash browns and 2 Big Breakfast at one time.
I don’t really like the bread because it was so dry but my girl like them very much.. >.
Yea… This was my hotcakes. I was a bit regret after bought this, I should have bought like what my girl had. They even forgot to put the butter on top for me.. Grr….