Restoran Traditional Home of Dessert @ Kimberley Street

Again we are back to Restoran Traditional Home of Dessert (汕头街四果汤) at Kimberley Street. This time we reached before 7pm in order not to miss the almond soup or hen jing th’ng again.

After ordering our the soup with fried crullers, we happily got a seat and wait for our soup. Even though it was still early , the shop was fully occupied and I saw many tables having almond soup too.

My girl : “Many people drinking the almond soup leh… must be very nice…”

Me: ” Hanor.. should be gua..”

While waiting my girl spotted some cute mini egg tarts. We ordered a plate. Then she spotted pineapple tart. So I got her another piece.The mini egg tart come in 4 for 1 set. Very cute as it was about 50cents’ size big. Too bad it taste very normal. The pineapple tart on the order hand was very fresh, the filling was not too sweet and just right with the crumbly pastry.
Mini Eggtart
Pineapple Tart
We saw a aunty holding a tray of freshly baked pastry. The strong aroma of the pastry made my girl kept eyeing on the tray, wondering what was that. The aunty was noticed that and asked whether we want to have one.

Aunty: ” Ai boh? sio sio eh.. jin jia ho chiak…”
My girl: ” hammi lai eh?”
Aunty: ” o tao soh”
My girl : ” wo ai ji leh..”
Aunty: ” ho.. ho..”

The fried yam pastry was still fresh and hot. It’s outer layer was still crispy, fluffy and rich and the filling was oozing with aromatic yam paste. Very delicate snack.

Here came the almond soup. We were so excited but after the first sip of it, our excitement were gone,  what replacing were moments of silence.

Indescribable taste.
Now we kind of understood the meaning of the soup smelt like cockroach ” as reviewed by some food bloggers. I had never tasted any cockroach before (* well I don’t think I’m gonna taste it though) but the soup had a very unpleasant smell and taste. It was so unappetizing and having a few more spoonfuls of it make us want to throw up.

The soup was actually milky, tasted like soya with a hint of sweetness. It was alright but there was a very, very pungent taste in it which was very unacceptable for us.  But I heard some people like them a lot, but no us. It was really something that either you ” like it or hate it” dessert.

Dipping the fried crullers into the soup did not make it taste acceptable still. I would not say that the soup was not good, but it was not my cup of tea. The almond soup was being abandoned in the end and I ordered another bowl of sweet soup.

Cheng Bou Liong (清补凉)

Hmm.. this one taste more acceptable with longan, lotus seed and bak goh. Just the ice occupied 2/3 of the bowl. A very refreshing and cooling soup but not worth the price I paid for.

There was Sky Emperor Chicken Feet Koay Teow Th’ng stall near to the tong shui shop. My girl wanted to had their braised chicken drumstick as they look so tempting. But she ordered only koay teow th’ng with braised chickn feet at last.

The koay teow th’ng was pretty average. It was just another bowl of clear soup noodle with smooth koay teow to me. But the braised chicken feet was a bit hit. The chicken feet was very flavorful due to the long hour braise with juicy, tender and succulent texture.

Well, we tried almond soup at last. But we did not like it. I think the only thing that I liked was only the braised chicken feet and pipping hot fried yam pastry. We were very full but we continued hunting down Cintra Street for bak tong gou and ham jin peng.

Kimberley Street
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