MoonTree47 @ Muntri Street, Penang

We dream, and we have dreams.

But how many of us really put in effort to make our dreams come true?

Not sure, but at least, owners of MoonTree47 does.

Three persons, one dreams to have a café and serves his customers with his best coffee; another one who has left her footsteps in many countries dreams to open a backpacker hostel; and the third one who has deep passion in art dreams to own her art gallery. Together, they fulfill their dreams by opening a shop with art gallery, café, homestay all in one place.

They look for a shop at Penang heritage site.
At last, a shop selling spices but had been abandoned for a long time, named Tian Chin Hiang, was chosen. They took an effort in renovating the shop into a place for art, taste, and resting while retaining the ancient atmosphere. With strong determination, their dreams are a heap closer to reality.

They named the shop MoonTree47, where MoonTree is homophonic of Muntri, while 47 is the shop number. Meaning, MoonTree47 is located at 47, Muntri Street, such a brilliant shop name.

We stepped into this shop one morning and immediately fall in love with their modern vintage design.

There were too much to adore, so we settled on a comfy seat and have some drinks while enjoying the delicate surroundings.


The cappuccino was heavy and had a bitter aftertaste. We wish it could be foamier and creamier, as we like our cappuccino to be more textured.

Iced mocha

The iced mocha was icy cold and intense but sad case we couldn’t get any chocolate taste in it.

Cinnamon crumble with ice cream

The cake had a generous layer of cinnamon-spiced crumb with moist and rich butter cake beneath it. It tasted marvelous with vanilla ice cream accompanying it but too bad the ice cream was too little. They should have given a larger scoop, or double scoops perhaps? heehee. We thought of getting another scoop of ice cream but it was quite pricey so we just enjoyed the remaining of the cake while sipping the cappuccino. My girl loved the crumble while I liked the cake more, but we cannot deny that they were equally nice, no matter indulge together or separately .


This plate is wholesome. It consists of Souvlaki pita, banana and slices of oranges. (* exclude the lovely piece of biscuit..=D)

The souvlaki was huge. Souvlaki is actually a great Greek dish, one of the owner in MoonTree47 learnt on the recipe while traveling to Greek. Souvlaki in MoonTree47 consisted of grilled chicken, fresh lettuce, tomato slices, french fries, and garnished with some special sauce, then wrapped into tortilla bread. It had a very interesting taste and very appetizing, I just can’t stop munching on it though I just finished my breakfast.

Banana : ” Don’t eat me..I still want to have my sun- bathe..”
The banana looked so adorable. Small and cute, it was merely my thumb size big.

We had a great morning at MoonTree47. We like their food, their drawings, their decorations, their unique ambiance, but too bad we did not get a change to have a look at their home stay area. Perhaps we can request to have a look at it in our next visit, if there is any chance.

We keep our finger crossed…
47, Jalan Muntri,
10200 Georgetown,
GPS Coordinates : N05.41987  E100.33597
Business hour :
Mon – Tue : 9:00am – 9:00pm
Wed – Thu : 9:00am – 9:30pm
Fri              : 9:00am – 9:45pm
Sat – Sun    : 9:00am – 10:00pm