Puchong Yong Tau Fu @ Batu 14, Puchong

Four years ago when we came studying in Cyberjaya, we were introduced by some of the seniors with this yong tau fu in Puchong. Once tasted we fall in love with it. The yong tau fu is so superb and delicious. Now, everytime we were craving for yong tau fu or hesitating where to go for dinner in Puchong, we will go there. Indeed, my girl said that Puchong yong tau fu tastes much nicer than the one in Ampang. We had also brought some of our friends there, and all of them claimed that the yong tau fu were nice and worth the price. Though we had been there for N times, we never blog about this place. Until today, I feel that I should have this shop appear in my blog, as this is really a worth introduced eatery.
Puchong yong tau fu is located at Batu 14 Puchong, just opposite to Puchong Secondary School and SRJK(C) Han Ming. There is actually another yong tau fu restaurant near to this actual yong tau fu shop, but the one has much less customers. So please remember the signboard and don’t go to the wrong one if you have not been there before. Else, you can judge the shop by looking at the crowd. This yong tau fu shop is normally crowded with  customers especially during lunch and dinner time.
This eatery is simple, shielded with zinc roof and without conditioning. It can be hot at night even after rain, hence it is definitely hotter in the afternoon. The heat from the opened kitchen increases the level of hotness, but the stuffiness generally don’t stop customers from coming, due to their irresistable yong tau fu.
Order here is ” half self service”. There is an array of raw items such as brinjal, okra, chilli, bittergourd, fried beancurd, yau char kwai, fu zhok, crabstick etc. etc for you to choose from. Pick the items you want to stuff with fish paste and put into basket. Then hand over the basket to the staff, and add on with a few items which is not seen in the raw items table, which are homemade fish paste, taufu, wanton and fried dumpling. There is also some cooked dish such as curry chicken, paper-wrapped chicken, rendang chicken that you can order them at the same time.
Headed to your seat , order your drinks and wait for your yong tau fu. As you waiting, raw items you have picked will be stuffed with fish paste and cook in boiling broth or deep fried to golden brown. The cooked yong tau fu will be brought to your table.
Look at the pile of fish paste. Your yong tau fu is made freshly on the spot. Thumbs up for the freshness.
Items like stuffed- okra, bitterguord, chilli, taufu, and fish paste are placed in pipping hot soup, added with some money vege (my girl’s favourite and she always ask if she can order a bowl of money vege separately).
Other items like wanton, dumpling, stuffed- brinjal, fu zhok, yau char kwai are deep fried. We especially loved the fried dumpling and yau char kwai as they are crispy and addictive.
You can have your yong tau fu with white rice, plain chee cheong fun or mee. They have a variety of mee to choose from such as curry mee,  gon lou mein, noodles in clear soup, and pan mee. Either way you choose, the yong tau fu still remain as the star on the tables.
Chee Cheong Fun.
We liked the plain chee cheong fun with sweet gravy and drizzle with sesame. Simple but nice.
Curry Mee.
Very big bowl. The curry was thick and spicy, with lots of bean sprouts, bean curd, brinjals, and chicken. I can easily get full by having only the bowl of mee.
Every single item is generously stuffed with fresh fish paste, so generous that you can see the fish paste bursting from your brinjal or chilli or okra etc.. Hence don’t be greedy and fill your basket like no tomorrow. We still remember that first time there we were so excited and filled our basket with more than 10 items. When our order came, we got a shock as the portion seemed to be doubled up into 20 items and of course we failed to finish them. That time onwards, we reduced the amount of items into 6 or 8 every time and control our desire for taking a lot, especially when we are so hungry. Added to it, if you ordered mee, remember do not order too much yong tau fu as your stomach might get overstuffed in the end.
Overall, this is really a recommended place for yong tau fu. Priced at RM1.10 per piece, you might find it more expensive than yong tau fu in some other places but believe me, every single munch of your yong tau fu worth the price you pay for. Do visit!
Phototgrapher: Summer
Writer: YLing
Puchong Yong Tau Fu
Lot 105, Batu 14,
Jalan Besar,
Kampung Baru Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Business Hours: 11am until 9.30pm daily (closed on Monday)