Ramadan Buffet @ Terazza Brasserie Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel (Invited Review)

Throughout the holy month of Ramadhan, Terazza Brasserie from Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel presents to diners Ramadhan Buffet with the theme of Selera Bonda, serving unlimited wide plethora of local and international cuisine for customers’ dining indulgence. Priced at RM100++, there will be a wide array of gastronomic delights such as rendang tok, fish curry with ladies fingers, murtabak, kerabu mangga and ayam percik prepared on the tables by their brigade chefs, with feast boasts live ‘Ghazal’ performance by ‘Kumpulan Wak Long’ to accompany your meal. To add on, a string of lucky draw prizes including dining and accommodation vouchers will be given to lucky diners as well as prayer room for Maghrib Isyak and Terawh prayer.
Start your buffet by filling your plates with buns & jams, hot soup, cheese & condiments such as dried peach, grapes, biscuits.

Follow closely in the starter section will be the Western cold dishes which are nicely presented in small plates, with colourful taste and ingredients that opens up your appetite.

Local appetizers such as kerabu chicken salad, salted egg, and fried anchovies are available too.

Also, grab some fresh oysters, mussels and prawns which are arranged nicely on ice.
For the Japanese counters, there’s varieties of nigiri sushi, maki sushi and salmon.

Freshly cut salmon.
For local cuisines, expose your palate to the wonderful taste of curry such as curry beef, curry prawn, sambal squid and curry fish. All brings in different levels of spiciness, but absolutely flavourful.

Fish curry with vegetables, roasted chicken with beans and nasi briyani.

For those who likes BBQ, Terazza also offers different types of meat and vegetable skewers. Just pick your choices such as crab, chicken, sausages, tomatoes, cucumber and bring to the BBQ stall. They will BBQ for you.
Meaty satay with a little charred surface, so delicious when dipping with creamy and nutty sauce .
Roasted lamb.
Meat Stew.
After the heavy mains, fill your plate some desserts such as chocolate cake, pavlova, milk pudding and bread pudding.
More and more sweet treats waiting for you at the dessert counter.
Make your own ice kacang and fill them with your favourite condiments such as peanuts, atapchi, red beans, cendol, grass jelly, corn sauce and drizzle with colourful syrup.
Lastly, end your meal with healthy fruits such as rambutans, nangka, langsat and dragon fruits.
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

Terazza Brasserie
Grand Dorsett Subang
Jalan SS12/1,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia
For more information and reservation, please call Terazza Brasserie Food & Beverage Reservation Department at 03 5031 6060 (ext: 3032)