Colourful Christmas Macarons By Crumbs X LuxBite

The girl can live without proper meal and she hates rice. But this doesn’t mean that she can survive with only oxygen anyway. Bread, biscuits, chocolates are the “main food” she bites on everyday, better if there’s desserts.
So when the boy brought back some macarons from Crumbs yesterday, the girl was so happy and jumped around with joy. Dishes on dinner table turned invisible and she just giggling non stop at the macarons.
Weirdo x2.
These macarons are special Christmas set from Crumbs and LuxBite, available throughout the month of Christmas at One Utama first floor, right in front of Isetan. They are packed in a box of four at RM30, where each box consists of two Crumbs macarons and two LuxBite macarons.
Though the owner of Luxbites are Malaysian, this pastry shop’s macarons which has earned the hearts of many is set in Melbourne. In other words, the round shape, high quality macarons are all air flown from Australia, and you don’t get them on normal days in Malaysia. So hurry up and grab one for yourself. There are four flavours available- Mandarin Jaffa, Ribena Lemonade, Watermelon & Guava and Peanut Butter & Jelly.
As for Crumbs, we guess they need no further introduction. Owner of Crumbs, Miss Aleena is the mummy of three little kids cum an expert in designed macarons. All her macarons are made using finest ingredient ( Imagine getting Swiss chocolate ganache in your Teddy Bear macaron) and 100% handpiped without using moulds. We really curious how she get these perfect and adorable Santa Claus, penguins and teddy bears made.
Done story. And then the boy realise those macarons started to disappear one by one.
“Ooii, you eat macarons as dinner?” The boy shouted
” Ya la, cannot meh? they taste so good.” The girl answered as she bite into another one.
” Ooii, keep one box for me.”
” Don’t want =p”
And they started to fight around for the macarons….

***Special thanks to Miss Aleena, Crumbs and Luxbite for giving us the chance to try out these Christmas set macarons. We love them all!***
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

Crumbs x Luxbites
1st Floor, One Utama Shopping Centre.
( In front of Isetan)