Hot Shots Coffee & Tea @ Solaris Dutamas

Went to Publika for Hot Shots Coffee & Tea one weekend, only to find that it was closed. Happy when Ivy from FOOD asked for a review at Hot Shots few weeks ago, as we have been waiting so long to try their coffee which have good feedback. Asking on the closure, the owner said that Hot Shots only opens on weekdays, so dear readers, to avoid disappointment, do visit them on weekdays if you wanted to have a sip for their coffee and best selling waffle.

Located on the first floor of Solaris Dutamas, Hot Shots Coffee & Tea can be spotted from the main road but quite difficult to look for if you are heading there from inside of Publika, as you would need to pass through some quiet corridors. It was somewhere above some middle east restaurants, Pappa Rich and Wau Penyu.

Here, you can buy freshly roasted coffee beans…

…coffee machines for home, cafe or restaurants, grinders, roasters..

…or just enjoy a cuppa of espresso, americano, latte, cappuccino, tea with their delicious desserts. You can choose to sit at the sofa or marble table with high chairs.The space wasn’t huge but the whole ambience was so relaxing, homey and comfy that you didn’t want to leave!

Teapigs, the top quality tea from the UK is also now available at HotShots too. Rooibos, rooibos creme caramel, chamomile flowers, lemon & ginger, super fruit, english breakfast, chocolate flake tea, earl grey and more, pick your favourite caffeined and caffein free teas from their shelves now!

Teapigs Super Fruits (RM9.00)
We checked out one of the flavours-Super Fruits. Caffeined free, this cheeky fruit tea was packed with super fruity punch, gathering the goodness of hibiscus, blackcurrant, raisin, ligonberry, blueberry, and elderberry in one.

After that, start getting caffeinated!

Hot Shots roasts coffee beans weekly, so that customers can enjoy excellent freshness and quality on every cuppa of coffee everytime they come.

Skillfully done, velvety smooth coffee by HotShots barista..

Cappuccino (RM8.00)

Caffe Latte-Small (RM6.00)

Iced Americano – Front (RM9.00)
Iced Latte – Back (RM10.00)
Try out the equally good iced drinks as well, perfect for a hot day.

“Seriously Rich” Hot Chocolate (RM9.00)

No joke, this hot chocolate drink which claimed herself “Seriusly Rich” was indeed seriously very very rich, thick and smooth in consistency. A must try if you love heavy chocolate drink. Drown the marshmallow into it and soak up all the chocolaty wow factor.

Caramel Affogato
Freshly made Salted Caramel ice cream by Forty Licks and double shots espresso by HotShots, there would be no doubt on the quality of this Affogato when a combination from these ice cream and coffee experts met together in a glass. Sparks glowed when the hot espresso was poured on cold ice cream, and brought smiles when the sweetness and bitterness melt in mouth.

Swiss and Belgian Chocolate Brownies (RM13.90)

Moist brownies made from Swiss and Belgium chocolate, served with ice cream and strawberry. Special that came with the platter- the fresh orange juice which brings in a tangy refreshing twist to tone down the chocolaty and sweetness.

Fluffy Raisin Scone
Enjoy the warm, buttery, fluffy and crumbly texture Raisin Scone with clotted cream and berries jam- the perfect friend with your tea.

Belgian Waffles with Strawberry (RM12.90)
Another soft, fluffy and filling delights- Waffles with whipped cream, fresh strawberries, and seriously rich chocolate. Do add on their premium butterscotch syrup on your wafer for better taste.

Belgian Waffles with Sweet Pitted Cherries (RM14.90)
Waffle the other way but good as its look. You still get your fluffy waffle, whipped cream and seriously rich hot chocolate, but with Sweet Pitted Cherries topping over instead of the former fresh strawberries.

Like the way HotShots served all the desserts, even for just a serving of bread slices, there was so many dipping options came along with- Rich, sweet, sourish.

Strawberry Pavlova Handmade Ice-cream
Strawberries appeared at everywhere in their desserts, from being part of decoration to ice cream. The strawberry Pavlova Handmade Ice Cream was so likable, delicately smooth and creamy with strawberry bits hidden in within.

In short, Hot Shots Coffee & Tea at Publika is a great place for coffee and tea, at the same time allows you to relax while shooing away all the stress and moodiness from work or studies. Such a waste for the girl who was having shingles and not having the chance to try on all her favourites- the scone, the  waffles, the chocolate drink, the coffee, and the bun. Not sure when will we have the chance to visit again. HotShots, any chances you will open on just one weekend so that the boy can bring her there? *Beg*

Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

Hot Shots coffee & Tea
A2-UG1-07 Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Bussiness Hour: 9am-6pm (Mon-Fri)
Facebook: HotShots