Just Like It! Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream @ One Utama

When food meets with chemistry and technology, it is awesome to find that remarkable new creation is born. Just Like it! liquid nitrogen ice cream is definitely one of them, with contemporary ice cream flavours that are unique to the taste buds, made with liquid nitrogen technology.

Founded in Australia, Just Like it! has been rapidly expanding to various countries in Asia such as singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Taiwan and Macau. Currently, there are two outlets in Malaysia, where one is located in Leisure Mall, while another one in One Utama, same floor with GSC cinema.

We were excited to try out few of their varieties during our visit to their One Utama outlet last week. Many choices are available, from the signature ice cream such as New Pop Corn, Flakin Chocolate, Durian Durian, Chill Mint and Matcha cookies Japan.
There is also monthly flavours scheduled on the menu list such as mocha cookies, chocolate mint, vanilla mint, mooncake+red bean, rum+mint, chocolate pistachio and chocolate toffee.

We ordered four, which were New Pop Corn, Matcha cookies Japan, rum+mint and Durian Durian. All their ice cream are made using premium natural ingredients, which no artificial, addictive, colouring and stabilizer added. Best consumed once the ice cream is hand over to you!

Durian Durian is new on the menu, and one of our durian lover friends ordered them immediately. Loaded with creaminess of durian, this order is mouthful of delicately smooth texture and subtle flavours, such a ‘flawless’ ice cream!
New Pop Corn is our favourite, with caramel sweetness of pop corn pairs perfectly with a buttery taste and vanilla fragrance. Scattered with chunks of popcorn for extra crunchy bites.

The ice cream is priced at RM9.90 for small scoop and RM11.90 for large. One can opt for toppings like chocolate chips, almond flakes, cookies, biscuits, crushed peanuts, Oreo biscuits, etc. for more plentiful flavours.

We had our Matcha cookies topped with Oreo biscuits. Ice cream was as smooth, creamy, just fall short of aroma of green tea but we do like the mild bitter aftertaste of matcha.
Do drop by at Just Like it! kiosk for a cup of ultra-smooth and creamy ice cream while witness the the huge volumess of fog created by vaporization of liquid nitrogen at -196 degree celcius.
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
Just Like It! Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
(Located in front of GSC ticketing counter)
Lot EK3,
One Utama Shopping Complex,
47800 Petaling Jaya.
Business hours: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm