Best Beef Offal @ Block 13 Beef Offal, North Point, Hong Kong

Block 13 Beef Offal (13座牛雜) is titled as one of the best beef offals stew stall (ngau japp, 牛雜) in Hong Kong. Good one can be rarely found nowadays,  and Block 13 in North Point, Shu Kuk Street was rather far but still, we decided to check it out. The stall was so small that we accidentally waked past, and returned later following the guide on Google Map, stunned for a while still wondering: “Is this the stall we are looking for? Probably there is a proper, larger one across the street?”

Question was ended without answer, so that would be the Block 13 we were looking for. It was a very humble shop, squeezes with other shops, next to Sunbeam Theatre (新光戲院). No seats available, so stand by the roadside and enjoy. We started to learn how precious is every inch of land in Hong Kong, but all this doesn’t matter. A stall doesn’t need to be spacious to be famous, as long as it tastes good!

Octopus Skewers HK10
To start off, we tried out their octopus skewer. The broiled octopus was thickly coated with rich and creamy gravy, rendering a fiery kick within bouncy chewiness. The spiciness wasn’t at mild level, but still at a stage that we could take in.

Beef Offal Stew ( HK40 Small; HK60 Large)
Continue with the highlights, a bowl of small size beef offal brimming with beef lungs, intestines, pancreas, tripe, etc. Braised for long hours using more than 20 types of sauces and spices, one can hardly deny the great flavour which were gracefully infused in these goodies.

Intestines were chewy with mellow soft filling; honey comb tripe was bouncy; lungs were juicy and spongy while pancreas was creamy soft. We learnt that the stall sources fresh offal daily, and the whole process from cleaning to braising took about 10 hours.

While Summerkid was happily enjoying his beef offals, non-stop nodding at the superb flavour, Summergirl almost throw up looking at them. The only thing she could accept was the few largely cubed daikons hidden beneath, braised till almost melt-in-mouth, fully absorbed the essence of braised soup, oozing out once biting through. A melange of aromas and flavours.

This food isn’t for everyone, you either hate it or like it, like what happen to us. While Summerkid treated them as treasure, Summergirl just didn’t know how to appreciate this heavenly street snack.

Photography: Summer
Write Up: YLing

Block 13 Beef Offal
No.1, Shu Kuk Street, North Point, Hong Kong.
(MRT North Point exit A4, the shop is next to Sunbeam Theatre)
Business Hours: 7am- 9pm (beef offals available after 12pm)

(港鉄北6角站A4出口, 新光戲院隔壁)
營業時間0700-2100 (牛雜供應時間1200-2100)