Burger King Malaysia Ninja! Black Charcoal Bun Burgers

Starting from 3rd March 2014, Burger King Malaysia will entice the tastebuds of loyal tomers with their brand new “Ninja!” campaign, bringing brand new black coloured buns for a brand new flavours! Says ” Black is the new black!”

Ninja! Deluxe TenderGrill RM9.95 for ala carte, RM13.95 for set

The new Ninja! Burgers is layered with succulent grilled beef patty or chicken patty, smothered with signature teriyaki sauce and topped with fresh lettuce and grilled onions between two 4-inch charcoal buns garnished with crisp sesame seeds. Its gonna be saucy and finger licking good with heaps of flavours!

Ninja! Deluxe Whopper RM9.95 for ala carte, RM13.95 for set

There are four choices to choose from, which is the regular chicken or beef patty or Deluxe flame-grilled Whopper beef patty or TenderGrill patty. Regular Ala carte is RM7.95, and the set is RM9.95, comes with refreshing Grape Star drink and medium fries. For Deluxe choice, it is priced at RM9.95 for ala carte, RM13.95 or set. Among all, we seriously like their TenderGrill patty, so tender as it is named.

Jumbo Frank ala carte RM5.95

Alongside with Ninja! burgers, Burger King Malaysia also comes up with Ninja! Jumbo Frank. Not black in colour but jumbo in taste and value! Tucked in the soft brown bun nestled with smoked chicken slices, jumbo chicken sausage, teriyaki sauce, fresh lettuce and grilled onions. So ingredients loaded that we really need to open our mouth big to grab everything in one mouthful.