KyoChon 1991 @ One Utama

Couple of months ago, the Korean drama “ You Who Came From The Stars” (来自星星的你) has created a viral across many countries, leaving lines of scenes and quotes for the audience. Among the many quotes, one of famous quote definitely goes to “Having fried chicken with beer is the great thing to do when first snow comes” (下初雪就是应该要吃炸鸡配啤酒).

Too bad, no snowing in Malaysia. But it is all ok, because we have the chance to taste the No.1 fried chicken from Korea! The famous KyoChon 1991 has just landed in Malaysia, with its first outlet in One Utama Shopping Centre! Don’t worry, having Korean No.1 fried chicken without the joy of snow is as great too!

Established in the year of 1991, KyoChon gained their name across the country swiftly, having 500 stores within 10 years. Now, with more than 1000 outlets around the world including Korea, USA, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, and opening soon in Taiwan and Hong Kong, it is understood that KyoChon doesn’t go famous for no reason.

KyoChon has distinguished themselves from other fast food chain since the very beginning. They are not fast food. All chicken served are not pre-packed, ready-to-be-fried frozen chicken completed with marination. In contrary, they sources fresh chilled chicken, and from there only marination process starts. Chickens are deep fried upon order, hence diners will expect longer, about 20 minutes waiting time time to get the food served. But is all worth waiting.

Seasoned Wedges RM5.90
KyoChon promises 100% natural, quality ingredients in their food. Take the Seasoned Wedges as example, it looks nothing special from other wedges physically. But once we take a bite onto it, we realize the different. It is non-oily, still remained crispy even after leaving on the table for half an hour. Asking why, we were told that KyoChon Seasoned Wedges is made using US potato, deep fried with Canola oil. Enjoy deep fried food the healthier way.

Mandarin Salad RM15.90
A bowl of healthy greens tossed with citrus fruit base dressing that creates a tangy fruitiness for a light, refreshing treat. Add another RM6 for grilled chicken.

Sal Sal Strips ( RM43.50/20pcs, RM21.80/10pcs, RM10.90/5 pcs)
These Sal Sal strips made from boneless chicken breast coated in special rice batter can easily becomes a crowd pleaser, for either young or old. Very crispy with extra bites from rice batter, it is awesome to eat on its own but best goes with choice of Jambalaya, Honey Mustard,mor Red(spicy) dipping sauce.

Sal Sal Rice Bowl RM21.90
Feel like whooping down a bowl of rice? Try out Sal Sal Rice Bowl that has Korean short grain rice topping over with bite sized boneless chicken breast, laced with myriad of vegetables to sum up for a simple yet dish.

Original Soy Wing & Drumette (RM39.50/20pcs, RM19.80/10pcs, RM9.90/5 pcs)
The signature and must have in KyoChon. Deep fried to golden brown, it is lightly coated with soy garlic glaze which has literally laid their flavours into the meat, mild yet flavourful. You’ll gonna get addicted to them and tuck in one after another one! We polished clean 20 pieces of wings and drumette during our visit and yearning for more by the end of the meal.

Red Wing & Drumette (RM39.50/20pcs, RM19.80/10pcs, RM9.90/5 pcs)
Smothered with original hot sauce made from Korea’s hotteset red chilli peppers, these Red Wing & Drumette are of real spicy. They are tongue burning, leaving distinctive spicy aftertaste in the throat. Thus is the time where you will feel that fish head curry and nasi lemak sambal is just a piece of cake. Give you the benchmark: these chicken are much more spicier than the spicy fried chicken from the two giants fast food chain. So, be brave to challenge….the 20 pieces?

Honey Wing & Drumette (RM43.50/20pcs, RM21.80/10pcs, RM10.90/5 pcs)
Chicken from Honey Series are marinated for 24hours, deep fried to golden brown and brushed with natural honey sauce. It carries a thicker batter, hence is crispier and bring a better definition between the sweet, sticky surface and tender chicken. This Honey Wing & Drumette is Summergirl’s favourite among all, even though the gang loves the original soy series the most. So it is much depends on personal preferences, but if you were a sweet tooth like her, most probably the Honey Series will be mind blowing for you.

Sakhalin Grilled Chicken RM27.90
Aside from the finger licking good fried chicken, KyoChon grilled chicken is not shadowed. It comes in a set combining tenderly soft chicken packed with chargrilled sensation, sunny side up, salad and a bowl of seriously delicious Kimchi fried rice. Too hard to determine whether the grilled chicken of Kimchi fried rice should take the limelight, as both are equally good.

Summergirl loves their Kimchi fried rice a lot, but too bad she didn’t find it appear individually on the ala carte section. The key point towards their wonderful Kimchi fried rice is the ageing of Kimchi. It is aged for one day before used, hence promoting an aromatic but less bold Kimchi taste, not plain sourness and spiciness, definitely blend off well with the rice.

Jjimdak Steamed Chicken RM21.90
A time consuming dish that takes 24 hours to prepare the sauce, and another 24 hours for marination. The steamed chicken develops a sweet and gooey flavours, very much like our Chinese sweet fermented beancurd chicken, but sweeter. A new try, and takes time to love it.

Photographer: Summer
Write up: YLing

KyoChon 1991
Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya.