Bird Garden Japanese Cuisine @ Aman Suria

Bird Garden, a restaurant name that we can hardly judge on the type of cuisine that will be served. It actually specializes in homecooked Japanese cuisine, with a twist of modern creation. Presentation and taste aren’t spectacular, but the down to earth flavours make us feel like eating mummy food at home.

The restaurant is formally known as Birdman Restaurant, located at the ground floor of a row of shop houses in Aman Suria facing the main road, in between Chatime and Original Kayu. It is now shifted one floor up, above Watsons, with a new name Bird Garden,but same concept.

The entire restaurant boasts a simple interior, with wall sticker of birds adorning the wall, as the owner, who stayed in Japan for 20 years, is a bird lover and likes everything about birds. Bird nest shape pendant lamp, comfy cushion seats and wooden table of similar tone brings the whole environment into a calm, relaxing ambience.

Crispy Pollock Fish 吉列波拉魚佐魚子 RM6.90
While waiting for mains to arrive, we had an order of Crispy Pollok Fish to nibble on. Crispy exterior with flaky soft fish filling, we knew this appetizer is gonna be addictive.

Pork Hamburg Steak 紅燒豬肉漢堡牛排 RM19.90
Bird Garden’s Pork Hamburg Steak arrived in a hearty portion, having two huge patty sided with fries, vegetable and mayo dressing on wooden board. The beef burger is handmede, firm, chewy in texture, laced with seaweed strips, topped with cheese slice and generous amount of bonito flakes.

Unagi and Sausage Omelette Rice 鰻魚窩單飯 RM19.90
Tossed the unagi, omelette, sausages and rice together and take a greedy scoop having all ingredients in one spoonful. It is meant to be messy to taste good. Sesame oil clocks in lightly in the rice, adding moist and aroma.

Carbonara Pasta with Smoked Duck 熏鴨奶香意大利面 RM22.90
Carbonara sauce coating strands of spaghetti, rich and creamy but lack of flavours. Thanks to the smoked duck that is packed with smoky, salty savouriness, it fixes the whole dish to the right taste. Almost right, at least.

Bathing Bear Japanese Curry 沐浴熊日式咖喱
Japanese rice shaped into bear, bathed in a bed of curry. Simple, but adorable. The whole dish is very basic, rich with aroma of curry but no challenge in spiciness. Diners can have it with pork katsu for RM17.90;with fish katsu for RM17.90; and with ebi fry for RM 18.90.

Soft Shell Carb Fried Rice 軟殼蟹炒飯 RM19.90
Summergirl find this mediocre, but the rest like it so much. Rice retains its fluffy soft texture, flavour soaked up to the grain but better if it could have packed with more flavours induced from stir frying.

Teriyaki Chicken 日式紅燒雞扒 RM16.90
The Teriyaki Chicken brings a cross between Chinese and Japanese fares, the sauce glazed over almost the combination of “gong bou”, “marmites” and Teriyaki. Chicken is firmer in texture, not the usual tender, juicy teriyaki chicken we have in other Japanese restaurants.

Japanese Grilled Pork Chop 日式烤豬排 RM15.90
This is our favourite. The meat is intense with the flavour of marination, and the sauce makes wonder. It covers the pork chop generously, delivering a peppery sensation that is tastebud tickling.

Pork Katsu 豬排 RM15.90
If you preferred the deep fried version, try pork katsu. It is equally good, with crispy breaded outer layer, and succulent meat. Non greasy at all. Served wutg ruce, vegetables, miso soup, fruits, dialy side dish and egg.

Peach Anmitsu RM9.90 桃子餡蜜
Homemade green tea ice cream laced with peach, mochi and dotted with colourful, sugary sweet candy flakes. Not the best green tea ice cream we have tried, but thumbs up for the home made effort.

Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Crushed Cookie & Roasted Caramel 餅乾碎烤焦糖香草雪糕 RM9.90
Vanilla ice cream that offers a sorbet like texture, not as milky and creamy but Summergirl likes it so much. Coupled with crushed buttered cookie and roasted caramel for contrast bites.

Custard Purin 蛋奶部丁 RM6.90
Bird Garden has custard pudding on their dessert list, prides for it is homemade, delicately smooth and soft. No complains.

Jasmine Berries Tea 茉莉漿果茶 RM7.90
Drinks here are extensive, Jasmine Berries Tea is one of the highly recommended. It is served in a unique glass with two outlets, where one part is for berries enssence and another part is for jasmine tea. To drink, pour a ratio of 1:2 of berries essence in dark purple with Jasmine tea. Sweet, refreshing, soothing.

Blossom Flower Tea 東方美人花茶 RM6.90
For hot tea, diners can choose from Lavender Tea, Rose Tea, Blossom Flower Tea, Hawthorn Honey Tea, Almond Milk Flower Tea and Macadamia Milk Flower Tea according to your liking.

Photographer: Summer
Write Up: YLing

Bird Garden Japanese Cuisine
B-1-6, Jalan PJU 1/43,
Aman Suria,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 016-630 6500