Ice Blended White Coffee @ Stall 25, Kampar Market Foodcourt

Was in Teluk Intan over the weekend, so Summerkid suggested to check out the special ice blended coffee at Kampar, which has gained fame by word of mouth, and thanks to the power of social media. This sudden thought from no where had given him the urge to drive an hour to Kampar Market Foodcourt, housed at the intersection of Jalan Masjid and Jalan Ampang of Kampar, Perak.

This “overflow ice blended white coffee” is a unique creation by the owner of stall 25 in Kampar Market Foodcourt, the latest must have in Kampar besides the Bread Chicken. The stall is located at the center of the foodcourt. Don’t worry on not getting to find the stall, as you walk around, you will come across gigantic, towered to high ice blended coffee on each table. Just secure a seat and order from the lady boss.

“Aunty, ice blended coffee one”
” Need to wait ah”

And so we waited half an hour for this ice blended coffee, paid RM4.

The uncle was very persistent on his ice blended coffee. There were three blenders in front of him, but he processed only portion for one glass in each blender. This might be the reason for long waiting, but it was all worth. He actually cares for the crowd that waited for his ice blended, however producing a glass of quality ice blended coffee with good presentation is as important.

So just wait patiently and witness the boss carefully working on his ice blended, one glass at one time. First, fill the glass to full, then layer the leftover blended coffee scoop by scoop, one scoop atop another to result in tower like sweet treat that is beautiful, though not predominantly exquisite. Icy cold, it’s chilling with pleasant aroma, a touch of acidic and bitterness.

We tried out some delicacies from the food court. Char Kuey Teow from the stall 12A opposite to the ice blended coffee was a total failure, so bad that Summerkid couldn’t even finish half of the plate. Priced at RM5 per plate, we were given a mix of Kuey Teow with noodles (*Ermm we remembered asking for only Kuey Teow?), stir fried with cockles, lap cheong, egg and few small, miserable looking prawns. Oily, lack of wok hei, you can just give this a miss.

Mixed meatballs from Stall 12 was not exceptionally good too, despite the crowd lining up. Zha Yuan was priced at 40 cents per piece, pork meatballs at 70 cents and beef meatballs at 70 cents. Pair them with lou shi fan or hor fun in soup is the best.

Zha yuan scored for its home cooked goodness, relatively chewy from outside till inside, soaked up with nourishing sweetness from soup. Expected the beef meatballs to be juicy and meaty, we were rather disappointed as it didn’t fulfilled any of the element, but came along with overwhelmed flourish taste. Pork meatballs were the better one among all, hit the right bouncy note but you could easily get this back in Kuala Lumpur.

Glad that we visited the Stall 25, but still no luck to have stall 42 glutinous rice with char siew, and stall 10 char kuey teow which are highly recommended by many. Mission half accomplished. Will be back again!

Photography: Summer
Write Up: YLing

Kampar Market Foodcourt (Medan Selera Kampar)
Between Jalan Masjid & Jalan Ampang,
Kampar, Perak, Malaysia.
GPS Coordinates : E101 9′ 1.6″ N4 18′ 51.5″