Fu-Rin Japanese Restaurant @ Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie

Fu-Rin Japanese restaurants from Holiday Inn Glenmarie Kuala Lumpur serves one of the best Japanese cuisines in town, having experienced chef to prepare arrays of delicious fares that bring diners to a satisfying gastronomy experience.

This award winning restaurant focuses on traditional Japanese delights with a modern twist, and their recently launched new menu continues to surprise customer, adding dishes such as Wasabi Beef, Ebi Tango Furai, Yaki Soba and Pan Furai Wafu Toriyaki to the menu.

Pan Furai Wafu Toriyaki RM28.00
Pan Furai Wafu Toriyaki or Japanese Style Pan Fried Chicken looks dry physically, but the juiciness that lends in once biting through change our perception. The meat is lean, but not tough and dry, texture added with a thin layer of skin crispiness.

Wasabi Beef RM70.00
Thinly sliced, perfectly seared sirloin arranged over a bed of finely shredded, refreshing salad tossed in sesame oil and wasabi dressing, delivering a sharp, crisp, and juicy flavour that covers a good marriage to the succulent beef slice.

Korokke RM28.00
We like this potato croquette filled with creamy and starchy mashed potato mixed with beef, enveloped within a crispy breaded layer that promotes contrasting texture. Served with Furin special homemade sauce, a dipping made from soy sauce, Dijion mustard, Worcester sauce and garlic powder.

Yaki Soba RM28.00
An interesting stir fried noodles that brings long, thin and springly buckwheat noodles thickly coated with sticky sweet, tomato-ish gravy. Fresh and plump scallop,prawns, julienne carrot, cucumber and cabbage come in sight for extra natural sweetness and umaminess.

KUruma Ebi Chizu Yaki RM32.00
Whole Tiger prawn generously smothered with Cheese, grilled and torched for smoky sensation. Fresh, bouncy and plump prawn with cheesy melted cheese, the outcome will always be delicious, can’t go wrong huh?

Hiyashi Natto Inaniwa RM38.00
Hiyashi Natto Inaniwa, a very pleasing dish that can easily earn liking, even if you weren’t a natto lover. The cold Japanese white noodles shine at its most basic state, thanks to the runny egg yolk that graciously tossed into the noodles,resulting in delicately smooth consistency. So smooth that it slip down the throat like going down a slide . Scallions, seaweed, crispy bits and natto are served along to balance up the overall flavour.

Sashimi Carparcio Aburi RM48.00
Seared Fish Carpaccio Style.

Furin Creamer Maki RM48.00
Soft shell crab and unagi rolled with sushi rice, topped over with mayonnaise cream and a drizzle of Teriyaki sauce, further garnished with crispy deep fried bits and finished with scallions. This jumbo sushi may seem messy for being ingredients and flavours loaded, but it all doesn’t matter. Pop the whole piece into your mouth and enjoy the burst of flavours and creaminess that develop in the palate.

Jumbo Ebi Sushi RM58.00
Comparing to Furin Creamer Maki, Jumbo Ebi Sushi King Tiger Prawn Sushi is milder, minimizing the ingredients while highlighting the freshness of Tiger prawns. If you found it too pale, touch up with the mayo wasabi sauce that contributes a spicy kick.

Ebi Tango Furai RM28.00
The Ebi Tango Furai carries the shadow of Chinese dim sum, yet stands on uniquely in terms of topping and dressing. Tiger prawns are chopped coarsely for better texture, shaped into ball, breaded and deep fried into golden brown. Drizzled with tastebud tickling wasabi-mayo sauce, and popping flying fish roe.

Check out also their fresh sashimi!

Enjoy Japanese Buffet Dinner with Fu-rin Holiday Inn Glemarie KL this coming month of Ramadhan at RM88++ per pax, available only from 14th July till 25th July 2014 (Mon-Fri). Buffet covers from sashimi, sushi, appetizer, salad, teppanyaki, tempura, soup, noodles, dessert, drinks and more.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

Fu-Rin Japanese Restaurant
Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie
1 Jalan Usahawan U1/8
Seksyen U1,
40250 Shah Alam, Malaysia.
Contact: (+603) 7802 5288
Email: dining@holidayinnkl.com.my
Website: http://holidayinnglenmarie.com/
Business Hours: Opens daily for lunch 12:00 p.m. – 2:30p.m. & dinner 6:30p.m. – 10:30p.m.
Opens for Buffet dinner only on Saturdays.
Buffet lunch is served on Sunday afternoon.