Dai Dai Dong 大大檔 @ Scott Garden, Kuala Lumpur

Step into Dai Dai Dong at Scott Garden (Next to Zakuro Two Japanese Restaurant), and enjoy a satisfying fusion meal that ranges from premium seafood noodles to Japanese Yakitori, Chinese white pepper stomach soups, Mutton Curry Rice, Taiwanese Meat Sauce Ramen, and more.

Dai Dai Dong 大大檔 merges together favourite street food and local staples from countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, inherits the authentic flavours with a touch of creativity from chef. The name Dai Dai Dong, is very much similar to “Dai Pai Dong大排檔”, which signifies on-street food stalls that is easily seen by the roadside and alleys. Hence, the restaurant’s resembles the whole concept of “Dai Pai Dong”, as their main interior design.

Supreme Beef Noodles 牛魔王 RM26.00

Despite the simple interior, Dai Dai Dong does not compromise on the quality of food. Take the Supreme Beef Noodle for example, you will have  a selection of noodles (we had kuey teow) immersed in a bowl of cloudy brot,h lavishly stocked with beef balls, muscle meat, tripe, tendon; served with delicious beef tenderloin on skewer.

Supreme Pork Pepper Soup Noodles 猪八戒 RM26.00

As the noodle name in Chinese-Zyu Baat Gaai 猪八戒, the ‘eight’ resembles 8 treasures of pork- pork maw, pork ribs, pork soft bone, pork balls, minced pork, Teochew pork balls, pork lard and pork belly, all graciously served over a bed of vermicelli in pepper soup. The soup is boiled using secret recipe, packed with sweetness and flavours of pork but higher dose of pepper may be added, as we like our soup more pepperish and pungent.

Supreme Seafood Noodles 海龙王 RM29.00
Among all three flavours, Supreme Seafood Noodles is the best sellers, despite the price. “This really surprise us. But our seafood noodles is really seafood” the owner said. Indeed, the bowl of noodles is brimming with an array of seafood delights- scallop, jumbo tiger prawn, mussels, salmon fillet, clams and squid. RM29.00? Definitely worth the price.

Deep Fried Jumbo Tiger Prawn 椒盐老虎虾王 RM27.00

This is the must order at Dai Dai Dong. The palm size Tiger prawn is lightly coated with a layer of Cayenne pepper, adding finger-licking good, salty pleasure to this crustacean. Peeling off the shell and tuck into fresh, firm, meaty filling. You will not get disappointed.

You say it is big, but in fact this Jumbo Tiger Prawn, 9 inch in size, is smallest among the three types of prawns available in Dai Dai Dong. The restaurant also offers 11inch Giant Prawn at RM35, and the ultimate Monster Prawn at the size of 13inch, RM60 per order, and serves depends on availability. Imagine having a giant “prawn steak”.

Dai Dai Dong offers also varieties of skewer including quail egg, chicken heart, chicken skin, chicken gizzard, chicken thigh & leek, bacon asparagus, chicken wings, bacon tomato, bacon enoki, beef tenderloin, scallop, shishamo, squid tentacles, beef tongue, and grilled oysters.

Grilled Whole Japanese Squid 烤日本墨鱼 RM27.00
Whole squid imported from Japan, grilled to perfection and dressed with finely chopped fresh wasabi and olive oil. Bouncy and chewy with a touch of spiciness, glad that it doesn’t show a rubbery trail in texture.

Our conclusion:  It is recommended to share the noodles, if you wished to order grilled items. Deep Fried Jumbo Tiger Prawns and Grilled Whole Japanese Squid is highly recommended.  Yet to try out their rice dishes in future. End the meal with homemade ice cream.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

Dai Dai Dong
1-37, Scott Garden,
Jalan Klang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603-7980 1232
Business Hours: 10.30am-2.30am
Facebook: www.facebook.com/daidaidongstreetfood
Website: www.daidaidong.com