[Hong Kong 6D5N] Best Hong Kong Milk Tea @ Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園, Central, Hong Kong

After breakfast, we took a train to Central, and started with a leisure stroll around that area. First stop was Central Mid Level Escalator and Walkway System (中環半山手扶梯).

This escalator is recorded as the longest outdoor escalator by Guiness World Record, stretched out for over 800 metres and linked up by 20 one way automated escalator and 3 inclined moving walkways, connected in places by footbridges with 14 entrances/exits.

The escalator is an important transporting system for public who travel in Western district, connecting Queen’s Road Central in Central with Conduit Road in the Mid-Levels. The reason behind is because most places in Hong Kong island is dominated by steep, hilly terrain, and the introduction of this Mid level Escalator has brought lots of convenience for residents, commuters and tourists in this area.

The escalators travel downward from Mid Level to Central from 6am to 10am to allow students and commuters to reach schools and offices; it then goes in reversed way after 10am to allow tourists to travel uphill.

It covers from Queen’s Road Central, Stanley Street, Wellingtom Street, Gage Street, Lyndhurst Street, Hollywood Road, Staunton Street, Elgin Street, Caine Road, Mosque Street, Mosque Junction, Robinson Road, and Conduit Road, with exit at each section. So tourist can go up the escalator and go down accordingly at stated street, enjoying the bustling lined along the route.

We went down at Gage Street and look for the legendary milk tea at Lan Fong Yuen蘭芳園. Many says that a travel to Hong Kong is incomplete without trying out their Xi Mut Nai Cha絲襪奶茶, which is said to be the best in Hong Kong.

We planned to have their famous Chicken Chop Noodle but too full to indulge in, thanks to the unpleasant dim sum in Dao Xiang. So we just tried out their famous milk tea. Made up of five types of tea and filtered, the milk tea is no doubt very smooth, without puckery taste flavour. Good but not towards amazing, and it was definitely pricey for a cup of simple milk tea to get charged at HK17.

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Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

Central Mid Level Escalator and Walkway System
Business Hours:
Downhill direction: Mid-Levels – Central 6am to 10am daily
Uphill direction: Central – Mid-Levels 10am to midnight daily
How to reach? From Central MRT Station Exit D2, walk along Queens Road and follow the signboard which direct you to the walkway.

Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園
No. 2, Gage st (Central)
Contact: +852 2544 3895/ 2854 0731
Business Hours: Monday to Saturday – 7am to 6pm
How to reach? From the Mid-Level Escalator, stop at Gage Street(*second exit) and go down the staircase. Lan Fong Yuen is just a stone throw away.

Branch: Shop No.26, B/F, Chung King Mansion, 36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon,
Contact: +852 2316 2311