Xin Cuisine Concorde Hotel KL Dim Sum Breakfast

Xin Cuisine Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur, there is always a reason to visit this well-known Chinese restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We love to drop by during dim sum time because:
1. Xin Cuisine serves one of the best hotel dim sum in KL-Klang Valley
2. Dim sum is non-halal, so diners who wish to have your dim sum generously stuffed with meat, Xin Cuisine is the place you should consider.
3. For hotel dim sum, Xin Cuisine definitely priced them reasonably. E.g. Tea is counted per head, and is only RM3.50 per pax. You can request for change of tea leaves (*after refill hot water for several times) or add more tea leaves according to your personal liking. Food wise, you can get your dim sum from RM9+ per basket.
4. Dim sum dining at Xin Cuisine Concorde is more casual. The restaurant is not as quiet as many other hotel restaurants during dim sum time, yet not as crowded and stuffy as some dim sum shops. Moderately occupied, allowing you to dine comfortably with the dim sum atmosphere. Oh-ya, they have dim sum push cart going around for you to select dim sum on the spot at certain time too.
5. All dim sum is freshly prepared, though there are hits and misses sometimes. we love the stir-fried carrot cake, char siew bao and Ice Cream Mango Sago.
6. Service is good, dim sum arrives at your table pretty fast.
7. Besides dim sum, noodles, char siew, peking duck, roasted pork, roasted duck are on the menu list too. Best thing is if you come in small group and crave for Peking Duck but afraid that you can’t finish it, no worries, Xin Cuisine Concorde KL offers half portion Peking Duck.

Stir-Fried Carrot Cake with Belacan 炒蘿蔔糕 RM13.00
Raddish cake is freshly made, hence moist in creamy in texture. Further stir fried with chives, bean sprouts, egg, prawns and chopped dried shrimps that add on aromatic, chewy bites. Better if more charred at the edges to denote more burnt crispiness.

King of Siew Mai 燒賣皇 RM12.00
This charming, yellow siew mai are overflowed with filling made from minced pork and prawns, crowned with whole prawns for more bouncy sensation.

Har Gau/ Prawn Dumpling 故鄉鮮蝦餃 RM12.00
Xin Cuisine prawn dumpling skin is slightly thick, but the generous amount of prawns wrapped within manage to compensate this shortage.

Bacon Roll 煙肉卷 RM11.00
Bouncy meat rolled with smoky bacon, dressed in savoury-sweet sauce and garnished with chicken floss. The sauce is a tad too sweet for Summergirl’s liking but our friends on the other hand, love it so much and had two plates of the bacon roll.

Beancurd Roll 蠔皇腐竹卷 RM9.00
A common dim sum you can easily come across at almost every dim sum restaurant. Xin Cuisine’s version is decent, having chewing meat enveloped with beancurd sheet, richly absorbed with flavourful brown sauce that showered over.

Char Siew Chee Cheong Fan 豬腸粉 RM10.00
Xin Cuisine Chee Cheong Fan still has room for improvement, especially on the flat rice sheet smoothness.

BBQ Char Siew Bao 蜜汁叉燒包 RM10.00
Do not leave Xin Cuisine Concorde KL without trying their Char Siew Bao, one of the best we have had. Bun is pillow soft, brimming with coarsely chopped meat coated in sticky sweet sauce.

Steamed Fish Ball 蒸魚賣 RM9.00

Shanghai Dumpling上海小籠包 RM10.90

Deep Fried Yam Puff/ Wu Kok 蜂窩芋角 RM9.00/ Egg Tart 酥皮蛋撻 RM9.00

Xin Cuisine egg tart is mini in size, with flaky crust encasing light, melt-in-the mouth egg custard. A burden free baked dim sum that Summergirl gobbled down 3 on her own.

Sesame Seed Ball 芝麻毬
Crispy and chewy deep-fried glutinous outer layer thickly dotted with toasted sesame. encased with sweet lotus paste filling.

Glutinous Rice 糯米雞 RM9.00
Glutinous rice, or loh mai kai in Xin Cuisine appears to be pale comparing to their other delicious dim sum. Load more flavours and moisture to the rice, then it will get closure to being a good loh mai kai.

Herbal Jelly 密制龜苓膏 RM10.00
We strongly recommend all to try out Xin Cuisine Herbal Jelly if you loved Chinese traditional dessert. It is not the general, commercial type of Herbal Jelly. Xin Cuisine chef hand-picked traditional Chinese herbs every day, and carefully prepare the herbal Jelly to result in smooth, chilling jelly packed with mellow-sweet aftertaste.

Longan Sea Coconut 龍眼海底椰 RM10.00

Ice Cream Mango Sago 冰淇淋芒果西米露 RM13.00
The must-have dessert in Xin Cuisine. Refreshing, milky mango soup in moderate sweetness, coupled with tangy mango ice-cream and cubed fresh mango that excite your palate, thanks to their sharp, sour twist.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant
Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur
2 Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hours:
(Mon-Fri)11.30AM–2.30PM and 6.30PM-11.00PM
(Sat) 11.00AM–2.30PM and 6.30PM-11.00M
(Sun & PH) 9.00AM–2.30PM and 6.30PM-11.00PM

Contact: +60321448750/ +60321442200 (ext.2338)
Fax: +60321441628