Encore Patisserie Cafe @ Taman Desa KL : Cake of A Thousand Sheets

Encore Patisserie Cafe at Taman Bukit Desa, Kuala Lumpur is a popular pastry shop that comes through our mind on and off, but never pay them a visit till last month, thanks to the overwhelming cafe choices mushrooming across the town every single day.

Situated within a quiet neighbourhood in Taman Desa, just a few doors away from Red Kettle and Sanuki Udon, Encore Patisserie Cafe arrives in Malaysia with strong background – A Sydney-based patisserie specializes in French pastries and Australia coffee.

Make it more elaborate, Encore Patisserie Cafe is owned by Barry Symington, an experienced, award-winning chef who has full passion in churning out the best quality possible sweet treats to his guests. From his debut cafe in Peregian Beach QLD to La Promenade Patisserie in Sans Souci Australia and finally Encore Patisserie Cafe, South Hurtville, every cafe proves to be a big hit, great success. His Encore Patisserie moves a step further, branched out in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, co-owned by Peter Chong.

Of where is Encore Patisserie Cafe? Apologize that we too, have no idea how to explain as we leaves the exact location to WAZE. We remembered passing by some small roads that made us doubt whether we were on the correct direction but glad that technology nowadays is advanced enough to lead us there. Question marks will be replaced by “Oooo, is here” once reach. Bye to the days where Summerkid had to memorize all the roads name to reach a particular restaurant, especially places we were not familiar with. Our so called : Eat the map, and vomit out on the road.

Encore Patisserie Cafe occupies a spacious area, with air-conditioned indoor and al-fresco dining space (*We heard that the outdoor section has been dismantled for more brand new surprises, stay tune to their Facebook). Despite so, we believe the cafe can still maintain its cozy, relaxing ambience even though full-house, since tables are thoughtfully separated to avoid over-crowded scene. But we were there at night, so not going to judge further. Not sure on the condition during breakfast, brunch and teatime. Afterall, Encore is a famous cafe that has made a name for herself since 2006 back in Australia.

Pastries and cakes in Encore Patisserie are freshly made daily, from scratch, using finest ingredients and traditional methods. Can’t tell which one is signature because all desserts lined up at the counter are delish, mouth-watering.

Gentle reminder: be early or be ready to be disappointed. Summergirl was on “I want to eat lemon tart” mood that night but sadly, it was sold out by the time we reached at 8.30PM (shop closed at 12midnight). The only thing that welcomed her was a tag of “Lemon tart” on empty tray.

Hence we checked out March monthly special – Matcha Tart, created by Patisseier Thian. Mellow soft, melt in mouth, hemisphere green tea mousse nestled within crumbly, buttery tart, dusted with matcha powder on top. Just the right level of sweetness, so delicious that we hope it can stay for a longer period in the pastry counter.

For those who are not into monthly special, permanent items such as Lemon Tart, Cheese Tart, Eclair, Tiramisu, Chocolate Rocoa, Mud Cake, Fruit Plan, Japonais are more than noteworthy. Ideal to go with Encore Patisserie coffee prepared using Sydney roasted premium Brazil beans.

Each cup of Encore Patisserie Cafe hot drink comes with a piece of handmade palmier. One bite and we were sold! The palmier tastes sooo GOOD! Flaky, buttery, beautiful layers, deeply coated with sweetness, goes so well with tea and coffee. Come and get them! Must -try!

Mille Feuille

Mille Feuille, which means “cake of thousand sheets” in English, is the best seller in Encore Patisserie. We are always afraid of dessert heaped with thick layer of cream, but Encore’s Mille Feuille is an exceptional. This French dessert is assembled from three layers of airy, crunchy puff-like pastry (each layer is gathered from few folds of paper-thin pastry, like the mille crepe concept),  furthered sectioned by creamy, custard-y cream in between puffy layers. Wonderful crispiness and creaminess complementing each other, moderate in sugar content. Just, eating this can be messy. But who cares?

Do drop by Encore Patisserie for a piece or two of pastry when you are around this area. Just look for the famous Sanuki Udon in case you are not familiar with Taman Bukit Desa KL.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

Encore Patisserie Cafe Malaysia
1, Jalan Bukit Desa 5,
Taman Bukit Desa,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: (Tue-Sat) 12pm-12am / (Sun) 10am-12am / Closed on Mondays
Contact: 03-7972 7988
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Encore.Malaysia