Kobe Japanese Restaurant @ Nihonkan, Ampang KL

Kobe Japanese Restaurant has long being recognized as a hidden gem within foodies for one of the best Japanese food in KL. They used to operate at Terrace of Hock Choon, the building behind the Hock Choon Supermarket that is popular among the neighbourhood for fresh meat and vegetables supply.

In April 2015, Kobe Japanese Restaurant proudly announced their new location – Nihonkan Jalan Ampang that is just a stone throw away from Gleneagles Hospital and Great Eastern Mall. Kobe is now larger, occupying two-storeys building stretched out with a swimming pool, private dining rooms, long sushi bar, indoor & outdoor dining area and soon-to-complete function room.

The interior calls for minimalism in design, lightly decorated to exude a simple but spacious look. Clearly, a casual, fine Japanese restaurant in KL ideal for private parties, corporate events, gatherings, anniversary, birthday celebrations and more.

Sunomono Moriawase RM18.90
Begin with Sunomono Moriawase, a platter of vinegared seafood that opens up the appetite.

Hiyayako RM7.90
Hiyayako, the quintessential dish in Japan during summer time as it is chilling, but you get to have it throughout the year in Kobe. That said, the weather never fails to shower Malaysia with scorching hot sun. The cold tofu is served over a bed of high quality Japanese soy sauce, garnished with condiments that add light, refreshing flavours. Have them together.

Soft Shell Crab Salada RM29.90
Soft Shell Crab Salada put together fresh greens, deep fried soft shell crabs and salad dressing in one plate. Dressing is served aside, hence diners can toss it with vegetables or dip according to liking. Soft shell crab could do better if it is less oily.

Volcano Roll RM39.90

The must-order in Kobe. The dish will be flamed up for seconds once reaching table, making it looks like volcano, as its name implies. Get your camera ready to catch the moments. Looks good, taste great too. Whole lot of mayo creaminess thickly coated to the maki roll, laced with salmon bits.

Kobe Roll RM44.90
Huge maki roll brimming with textures and flavours. Crispy ebi tempura rolled within sushi rice and seaweed, enclosed with thinly sliced, tender beef – the winning ingredient in this dish.

Tamarin Moriwase RM39.90
Tamarin Moriawase arrives to be a feast of the eyes, colourful, beautiful sushi ball. Japanese rice is rolled into ping pong ball like, then wrapped with ikura (salmon roe), ebi (shrimp), sake (salmon), magura (tuna) and ika (squid) for each.

Kinoko Miso Shiru RM14.90
Tummy warming soup, laden with natural sweetness from mushrooms, omega-3 goodness of fish to compile a nourishing, soothing miso soup in every sip. Highly recommended.

Seafood Chawanmushi RM28.90
We’ve been looking for new favourite Chawanmushi ever since Yamamomo Japanese Restaurant at Centrepoint BU closed down. Kobe Japanese Restaurant’s version fares pretty well – silky smooth with mellow soft texture, mildly lingered with aroma of egg and special sauce dressed over. Enhanced with umami sweetness of seafood. Gonna put it as one of the top-chawanmushi-to-try in KL list.

Seafood Teppanyaki RM34.90
Delicious seafood from the iron griddle! We tried out a combo of prawns, scallop, salmon and squid. Love the meat which is jacketed with wafer-thin charred layer to pack in pleasing smokiness for more flavours.

Tempura Moriwase RM37.90
To us, a meal at Japanese restaurant is incomplete without the classic Tempura Moriawase. Even though it isn’t something special, but the contrasting texture between the crispy golden deep fried layer with bouncy ebi , juicy or creamy sensation of vegetables like eggplants, sweet potato, mushroom, etc. are the thing we enjoy most. So we always hope for our Tempura Moriawase to be pipping hot, fresh, crunchy outer layer but not oily. Kobe does this well, and we love each item in their tempura to every bit.

Surumeika Yaki RM29.90
Grilled whole squid at Kobe is perfectly grilled, delivers lots of chews, juicy but not rubbery. Tastebud enticing with extra spicy wasabi sauce.

Shake Oyako Chazuke RM29.90
Shake Oyako Chazuke is rather interesting, even though we are not excatly familiar with this dish. It features tea/hot water pours over a bowl of rice, accompanied with savoury toppings included salted salmon (shake), seaweed (nori) and pickles (tsukemono).

Ebi Gyoza RM34.90
An alternative to regular minced meat gyoza, enveloping with more bouncy, juicy texture of shrimps within chewy skin. Kobe has each gyoza placed over a spoon with savoury sauce at the bottom, further laid with shredded ginger for a pungent finish.

Since Kobe is also called as beer garden, the restaurant is rest assured with wide selections of promising beers, sake, cocktails and other alcoholic drinks. We sampled few and especially loved the red dragon fruit infused cocktail, sweet, feminine, easy to drink.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

The KOBE Japanese Restaurant & Beer Garden
Nihonkan Club
347, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening Hours: Daily 12:00–14:30 (lunch); 18:00–22:30 (dinner)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thekobe.com.my