Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar @ Menara TSR, Damansara PJ

Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar at Menara TSR, a cafe located just a stone’s throw away from IKEA Damansara, Ikano Power Centre.

Closer – Getting closer to your dreams, getting closer to success, getting closer to, something you want. A word that perhaps, meaningful to a lot of people, and us too.

Closer – The modernization, evolution of technology has connected people together, in cyber world. Says so, the internet brings people who are far away closer together, regardless of distance. Unfortunately, observing from another perspective, it seems to have pull people apart. Speaking about face to face communication. Everyone has a phone in hand nowadays, young or old. You bury your face in it – chatting through messaging apps, playing games, or for whatever reason it is. Close in sight, far in heart.

Closer – When was the last time you really switch off your phone, and had a good talk with your loved one on dinner table? Do you still remember the good old days when mobile devices are still not common, and music, food, drinks and conversations are some of the elements that brings people closer together?

When we first heard about Closer Kitchen and Espresso Bar, we remember it from then on, as this charming cafe has got a good name, that well-fit its believe. Closer Cafe Kitchen & Espresso Bar is a cafe holds on a concept in bringing diners closer together through good food and coffee appreciation, at the same time sharing inspirational dreams together. The “closer” needs, which sort off fading away in city people nowadays. Whoever you are, always welcomed.

It was a fine afternoon when we stepped into Closer Kitchen and Bar. Spacious cafe within Menara TSR building, just few minutes drives from IKEA Home Furnishing, Ikano Power Centre and TESCO. High white ceilings, huge window laced with black frames, a combination of wooden furnishing completed by decoration in grey, black and white tone; further flourishes with potted plants, glassware, designer books.

The angles and the corners, form traces of hidden energetic elements, soften by natural lights that shines through the space. Speaking about colourful, vibrant liveliness? Not too much from the ambience, but yes, when excited conversations from diners in Closer Kitchen & Bar Cafe fills the air. The signs of human getting closer to each other. Good.

Chicken Chop RM20

We’re here to get closer with delicious food, and soulful coffee, of course. LOL. Food menu in Closer Kitchen and Bar Cafe seems extensive from the first glance, thanks to the small, crowded letters brimming across the first page of “tracing paper menu”. All-day-breakfast, pancakes, salads, soup, pasta, lamb stew, salmon parcel, sandwiches. Mostly Western selections, sufficient from brunch till dinner.

Had a plate of Chicken Chop, not too much surprises as it was more like an old-time favourite Maryland Chicken, crispy exterior, tender meat within; dressed with flavourful brown shitake mushroom sauce. Sided with hearty portion of salted fries, and salad.

Cappuccino RM12

Coffee plays an important part in Closer Kitchen and Bar too, getting perfect when pairing with desserts and cakes from the sweet treat counter such as Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Moist Indulgence Cake, Gula Melaka Banan with Almont Brittles, Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese. Cappuccino, flat white, latte, long black, mocha and so forth could be the favourite espresso-based beverage; while for diners who are not into coffee, you can go for cold pressed juices, hot chocolate, tea, and more.

While for coffee connoisseurs, satisfy your palate with different choices of filtered coffee prepare using beans including Tanzania North AA, Ethiopia Germadro, Costa Rica Tarrazu Llano Bonito, and more.

Time to get closer. Visit Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar
G-02, Menara TSR,
No. 12, Jalan PJU 7/3,
Mutiara Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Contact: 03 – 7732 4896
Business Hours: Mon-Sun 8:00am – 10:00pm
Parking: You can park at your own risk by the roadside, in front of the building. Try to ask guard on duty whether you can park inside.