A.Toast Breakfast & Juice Bar @ Pudu KL: Kimchi Cheese Sandwich!

A.Toast Breakfast & Juice Bar – Grab an on-the-go sandwich from this humble shop in Pudu KL on your way to work, from as early 4as 6AM in the morning on weekdays; or sneak in for a leisure sandwich brunch on weekend, from 9AM onwards.

As much as Summergirl loves sandwich, she always thought that everyone likes sandwich as she does, until she met Summerkid and the girl sits next to her in office. The expression was “How can you not love sandwich??!!” when her colleague told her that she doesn’t eat sandwich. And she will start telling the over-10-years-ago-sandwich-story on how horrible the “sardine sandwich with onions wrapped in plastic bag” she had during a primary school trip. Hahahaha. So we guess her hatred towards sandwich was due to bad memory of her so called “very geli sandwich”.

Anyway, the sandwich scene in KL seems to have changed over the years. Nowadays, while you still get simple sandwiches in many train stations and roadside stalls, which mainly purchased for filling up a hungry tummy while in hurry; there are also a lot of cafes, coffee places, fast food chains, American-style restaurants and even sandwich speciality shops offering better, more premium sandwiches. From healthy sandwiches for light meals to ingredients loaded sandwich heaped with fresh cut fries and salad as side, there’s always a choice for sandwich lovers.

For the past few months, Summergirl has been seeing quite a number of people posting sandwiches from A.Toast, a breakfast & Juice Cafe in Jalan Pasar, Pudu KL. Appealing toast, with the most seen pictures having food description some sort like this : Deluxe size bamboo charcoal toast sandwiched with scrambled egg, cheese and generously garnished with spicy chicken floss. Argh, so tempting that she has to drag the “I-don’t-like-sandwich-Summerkid” to accompany her for a visit.

Reached around 9.15AM on a Saturday morning and were greeted with cheerful ‘GOOD MORNING” once walked in. That’s how we love a breakfast shop to be like, a lot of positive energy. A.Toast Breakfast & Juice Bar menu covers a sufficient list of sandwiches and toast all-day, reasonably priced at not more than RM13, except for big breakfast.

Everything was made upon order so you get fresh hot delicious sandwich. Pasta is availble from 12PM onwards, but limited to only bolognese with chicken & parmesan cheese, carbonara with mushroom and ham, and aglio olio with garlic and grilled mushroom – the three most classic flavours.

Thought of ordering the best-looking Signature Bamboo Charcoal Toast Sandwich initially but ended up with Grilled Cheese Kimchi Toast Sandwich once seeing her favourite “KIMICHI” on A.Toast new menu. Flavourful Korean food inspired sandwich, with appetizing sourness from kimchi as the sharpest taste, followed by a touch of spiciness which further paired into melted cheese for spicy-creamy concoction. Better if there was an option of grilled chicken sliced with kimchi.

Summerkid had an order of Deluxe Signature Wholemeal Toast Sandwich, a three-tier sandwich layering up : wholemeal bread -> green lettuce -> tomato slices ->sunny side up -> bread -> more green lettuce -> hash brown -> cheese -> wholemeal bread. Open the mouth big to enjoy multi-textures and flavours all ingredients in one go. SO SEDAP!

Other selections on A.Toast Pudu menu includes Cheesy Grilled Chicken Open Sandwich, Tuna Chunks Open Sandwich, Chicken Tortilla Wrap, Signature Wholemeal Toast Sandwich, Signature Black Sesame Toast Sandwich, French Toast with Honey & Fruits, French Toast with Chicken Floss, Baked Ham & Cheese, Peanut Buttered Filled French Toast with Nuts Toppings, Breakfast Potao Salad and Homemade Brown Sauce Chicken Salad. Pure fruit juices are noteworthy, or you can opt for coffee, fruit punch, lemonade and so forth.

Overall, a good place for nice handmade sandwich and freshly squeeze juice, but can give a skip to the coffee. You can choose to take away as there is a fast kiosk counter. But of course, if you have time, dine in is the best. There ample of parking spaces at Jalan Sarawak, just behind the cafe . If you’re afraid on the lack of parking problem in Pudu KL area, just reached by LRT Pudu Station . A.Toast is just across the street facing 7-11 convenient shop, near to KFC Pudu and Sek Yuan Chinese Restaurant.

Photographer: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

A.Toast Breakfast & Juice Bar ( A.Toast 早餐店 )
291 Jalan Pudu,
55200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 6:00am – 3:00pm
Sat – Sun: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/atoast.my/