Chili’s Malaysia Fajita Fiesta: Get Flavours of Tex-Mex!

Chili’s Malaysia Fajita Fiesta is taking over the show! From 29th August till 23rd October 2016, this favourite Tex-Mex cuisines steps into the limelight of Chili’s Malaysia promotional menu , serving up delicious flavours wrapped within warmth, freshly made tortilla. Bring along your friends and enjoy the fiesta!

Triple Dipper™ RM34.20

To us, a visit to Chili’s is always about their addictive nachos topped with 3 melted cheese blend; sinful chocolate molten lava cake with vanilla ice cream or tripple dipper that put together our favourite chicken crispers, onion rings and buffalo wings – Something that never fails to ‘spice up’ our time before midnight movie. But of course, a dinner in Chili’s is always worthwhile, with their wide varieties of food selections cover from steaks, burgers, sandwich, grilled meat, seafood platter and so forth. Apart from this many signature dishes, get a twist of flavours from now till 23rd October Fajita Fiesta special promotion, available only for limited time only!

There are five flavours to choose from, namely Tortilla-crusted Chicken Fajitas RM37.95, Honey-Chipotle Chicken Fajitas RM37.95, Smoked Buffalo Chicken Fajitas RM36.95, Ribeye Fajitas with Queso Fundido RM64.95 and Roasted Prawn Fajitas RM43.95. Each fajita is complete with tortillas and your choice of Avocado Boat or Rice & Black Beans Boat.

Roasted Prawn Fajitas RM43.95
We personally love Roasted Prawn Fajita the most, and believe it can easily become the crowd favourite too. Fresh bouncy prawns, served over a bed of cooked red onion rings and garlic tomatoes, further toss with beef chorizo, pineapple pico de gallo and citrus chile sauce that elevates the entire flavours with appetizing sweet tangy touch.

Ribeye Fajitas with Queso Fundido RM64.95
Our second favourite, with medium doneness sliced ribeye steak served over cooked red onion, in a sizzling hotplate. Cooked red onion comes in just right in this dish, delivering sweetness that marriage well with the beautiful pinkish, succulent steak. Garlic queso fundido, citrus chile sauce, fresh cilantro and roasted jalapeno add perks of taste, best to wrap a bit of everything into your tortilla to enjoy the multi-flavours in one go.

Initially, we thought that the roasted jalapeno crowning each of this fajita, which appears like a short, fat chilli will get our tongues on fire hence we were rather relunctant to try it out. In the end decided to cut a tiny slice, popped into our mouth and guess what, there’s no turning back. It tastes so good! Mild in spiciness with distinct sourness, more like pickle, certainly a perfect pairing with these savoury dishes.

Smoked Buffalo Chicken Fajitas RM36.95
Smoked Buffalo Chicken Fajitas pulls in strong flavours of blue cheese, acquired taste for some but with the help of cilantro, roasted jalapeno and red onion as side ingredients, surprisingly, we began liking this dish as we slowly munch through.

Opt for a choice of Avocado Boat – sliced avocado with housemade pico de gallo, corn salsa, beef bacon bits with fresh cilantro OR

Rice & Black Beans Boat – Cilantro rice, black beans and corn salsa topped with crumbled feta cheese to go with your fajita.

Beef Chorizo Meatballs RM29.95
Beef chorizo meatballs glazed with honey-chipotle sauce. Jalapeno aioli, crumblef feta cheese, fresh cilantro and housemade pico de gallo. One meatball at a time, so tasty that one person can finish half dozen.

Chocolate Bread Pudding RM24.95
Yay! Cheers to bread pudding lovers, Chili’s is making the classic bread pudding chocolaty! Fluff and chewy, a tad denser in its custardy texture comparing to our usual bread & butter pudding, chocolaty “top up” with drizzles of rich ganache. Served warm, hence a hot meets cold thanks to the huge scoop of vanilla ice cream. Finished with cinnamon sugar served.

Photographer: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

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Citta Mall, Jalan PJU 1A/48,
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Business hours: Sun – Thu (11am – 11pm); Fri & Sat (11am – 12am)