Burger & Lobster @ Genting Highlands, Sky Avenue

Burger and Lobster at Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands Malaysia – this highly acclaimed restaurant brand from UK has again, proven their success at their latest opening in Genting, first outlet in Asia country.

Response has been overwhelming since its opening. As patrons shower their love for burger and lobster in this restaurant, the already spacious 3500 sqr ft. never seems to be enough. When it comes close to lunch and dinner hours, queue will be getting longer, kitchen is so busy and the next thing, more understanding need to be given to all staffs who gone “cartoon-ly”, going swiftly around the crowd to place orders, serve out dishes and check if everything is OK.

Interior for Burger & Lobster is as worthwhile as their food – One whole wall decorated with 104 traditional lobster crates, which are replicas of the one used in Nova Scotia; old oak and aged vitreous ceramic Portuguese tiles; huge, colorful mural with European theme; warmth yellow lights; an ambiance that sets the restaurant into border between club and casual dining.

Burger & Lobster menu is straightforward, only 3 main items – Burgers, Wild Live Lobsters and Lobster Rolls. In fact, the brand’s name says it all – burger and lobster, not beyond that. But being a restaurant that has such a limited choices yet managed to earn reputation with expansion to 9 cities till date, it certainly doesn’t go famous for no reason. Small menu, big flavours, Burger & Lobster must have done exceeding well.

The Original – grilled RM138 (member)/ RM153 (non-member)
Wild Live Lobster, the reason that makes so many diners go gaga over Burger & Lobster. The restaurant serves Nova Scotia Canadian Lobster in the size of 650-750gram, air-flown weekly from Canada. Have them steamed or grilled, both are good and locked with juiciness and original sweetness of this premium seafood. To us, we preferred the grilled lobster, as it is more aromatic with hints of burnt aroma from the grill lacing around the meat.

The Original – steamed RM138 (member)/ RM153 (non-member)
Each order is accompanied with green salad, French fries and a choice of clarified butter or B&L’s famous lemon and garlic butter sauce. Of course we went for the later and happily flavoured up our steamed lobster! Nice as fries dipping sauce too.

The B&L Burger RM138 (member)/ RM153 (non-member)
Burger & Lobsters made their patty in-house, using 100% beef sourced from Australia, with no fillers. Thick and meaty, sandwiched together with beef bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and Burger & Lobster secret sauce between custom baked sesame seed brioche bun. Take a deep bite to enjoy the satisfying flavours and textures delivered by all ingredients.

Diners can opt for The Mayfair- a lighter version of burger with 168gram patty; or the bigger size – The Original at 224 gram patty. We ordered The B&L Burger, which put together best of both world – 168gram beef patty topped with lobster meat.

Chilli Lobster RM158 (member)/ RM173 (non-member)
Chilli Lobster is something noteworthy, specially crafted only for Burger & Lobster Malaysia, seeing that this is one of the popular cooking styles in Malaysia, well loved by both tourists and locals. B&L’s version is slightly spicy with sharp sourness, further balanced up with tomato-ish sweetness that makes this gravy really fabulous when paired with brioche.

The Original Japanese Mayo Sauce Lobster Rolls RM138 (member)/ RM153 (non-member)
This is so delicious that we can have 2 helpings for one meal. Homemade signature brioche, buttered and toasted to crispy at the edges, pillow fluff inside. Gives it a cut at the center and stuff in generous amount of lobster meat, topped with Japanese Mayonaise, Chilli Sauce or Seven Samurai Spices Sauce.

Genting Opulance RM158 (member) /RM178 (non-member)
Let the meal goes merrier with wide selections of beverage, available in alcoholic & non-alcoholic. Beer and wine asides, Burger & Lobster is prides for their cocktails, concocted from Zubrawka, Bourban, Hennessy VSOP, gin, tequila or Havana Club 3 Years base with know-how ingredients for best tastes. Do try their Genting Opulance if you visit in group, as this oversized cocktail prepared from large portion of gin, raspberry liquer, pineapple, basil and ginger is meant from sharing.

Time Keeper RM21 (member)/ RM24 (non-member)
An alcoholic free drink that raises our attention, as it is served in a plastic bag, like how we “dapao” or Teh Tarik from mamak stall. Burger & Lobster seems to have cleverly blended in the culture of Malaysia their food & drink! Loud applause. We like this. Haha. Other options like Grapefruit Soda, Mango Coriander Lassi, Nutella Milkshaeks and Ginger Soda are equally interesting.

Overall comment: Dining in Burger & Lobster is definitely not cheap, as food price is mostly above RM100. But it is worth visiting to treat yourself a luxury seafood meal once in a while. Burger, cocktails and Lobster Roll are our favourites.

Burger & Lobster Malaysia

Level 1, SkyAvenue,
Resorts World Genting,
Pahang, Pahang
Contact: 03-6105 9186
Opening Hours: 11AM-10PM (Mon – Thu, Sun); 11AM-12midnight (Fri – Sat)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/burgerandlobsterRWGenting
Email: info@burgerandlobster-my.com
Website: https://www.burgerandlobster.com/en/location/genting-highlands