Spicy Korean Burger Mcdonald’s Malaysia. Have You Tried?

Mcdonald’s Malaysia has just launched its McD Spicy Korean Burger. Many has been talking about it, advertisement of the burger looks delicious and yeah, so intrigued that we somehow couldn’t convince ourselves for not giving it a try.

Bought a McD Spicy Korean Burger set at the price of RM15.99 from McD outlet yesterday. Complete with Fanta Frozen drink and criss-cut chips.

NOTE: It is criss-cut chips, not criss-cut fries. It tastes really like potato chips. What else if not LOL. Nothing close to crispy outside, “potato-starchy” inside texture like normal fries. Our bad for not looking into the details. So anticipated thinking that we would be able to taste back superb criss-cut fries but, it is not. LOL.

Anyway, it is still a crunchy, tasty, addictive snack to nibble on. For burger, it is a little let down on the presentation when comparing to advertisement photo. Oh well, again, understood. Picture is for illustration.

Our not-so-appetizing-looking McD Korean Spicy Burger has Grilled, Kimchi marinated beef burger slathered with Korean spicy sauce, topped with cheese, salad vegetables and sandwiched within two black charcoal bun. The amount of vegetables given were miserable, so little that we almost thought the staff has forgotten to put it in.

The beef patty itself is juicy, meaty but soft, flavoured up with rich, creamy sauce that carries a good level of spiciness and hints of sourness. We do like the sauce, akin to the gravy of Chinese Spicy Butter Cream Chicken (*Nai Yao Gai) but sorry to say, this burger doesn’t remind us about Korean taste at all.

You can have McD Korean Spicy at ala-carte RM12.99. A bit pricey for a single burger. Not saying that it doesn’t taste good. It is alright, just “not-so-Korean”. Can try once, but not returning. Guess myBurgerLab can do a better version.