Kanteen Plus @ Plaza Damas KL: Hidden Gem for Claypot Curry Fish Head

We first came across Kanteen Plus at Plaza Damas (*beside Hartamas Shopping Centre), Sri Hartamas Kuala Lumpur when we had our brunch at Rubberduck Cafe. Got attracted with their vibrant red container style outlook, adorned with colourful steel chairs, wooden tables, potted green plants and huge chalkboard menu – cheerful and pleasant atmosphere.

Judging from the cafe’s name, we first thought that Kanteen Plus focuses on local delights like nasi lemak, mee hoon goreng, ayam masak merah, ayam goreng, beef rendang, fried rice, teh tarik and so forth. Not too wrong, but we are quite surprised that Kanteen Plus menu actually carries more than that.

Kanteen Tomyum Seafood in Pot

Malaysian favourites, Chinese, Malay, Thai , Western or Kanteen Plus very own creative dishes – there’s something for everyone. Whether you are looking for fuss-free single plate quick meal, or dining in groups with seafood, poultry, soup, tofu, meat, noodles, vegetables sharing dishes, this restaurant fits in well.

Our dinner spread

We were told that Kanteen Plus has been around Sri Hartamas for about 9 years. What a shame that we didn’t know this place earlier. But better late than never. Now we know where to go for when craving for delicious “dai chow” style food in Hartamas area.

Claypot Curry Fish Head (Seasonal Price)

Enjoy a taste of home with familiar yet delicious delicacies like Soy Sauce Steamed Fish, Curry Chicken, Marmite Chicken, Salted Egg Yolk Chicken, Sambal Petai Prawn, Bitterguard Soup, Fried Egg with Long Bean, just to name a few.

Claypot Curry Fish Head is exceptionally good. Beautiful, orange red gravy brimming with fish head and generous amount of vegetables including long beans, eggplants, cabbage, tomato, etc.. Despite it is rich and flavourful, manageable spiciness without unpleasant curry powder taste. Plus point? No milk or coconut cream is added into the curry. Portion is huge. We asked for small, and it looks like large size to us. Enough to be shared among 4.

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken RM18

Never fail to like anything with salted egg yolk. Straight away have an order of this when saw this on the menu. Yass, we like Kanteen Plus version. Lightly battered and deep fried to golden brown chicken pieces, further jacketed with gracious coat of salted egg yolk. Bite in and enjoy flavourful concoction of salted egg yolk, curry leaves aroma; followed by light crunchiness, and tender meat locked with juiciness. Recommended.

Beef Rendang RM25

Thanks to Kanteen Plus staff for recommending us their beef rendang. Very flavourful, goes really well with white rice. Other beef and chicken options on Kanteen Plus menu includes Black Pepper Beef, Kung Po Beef, Spring Onion Beef, Kai Lan Beef, Marmite Chicken, Butter Chicken, Bitterguord Chicken, and Spring Onion Chicken.

Sambal Fish (Seasonal Price)

Sambal fish is less seen in many restaurants nowadays, as preparing this dish from scratch can be a laborious process especially on the sambal part. Pounding, blending and stir-frying of herbs, spices and other ingredients takes time but to Kanteen Plus, the great end result makes everything worthwhile. Really like the combination of meaty fish meat with spicy sambal, reminds us on the “nga mei chi” mum used to cook at home.

Chilli Seafood Spaghetti RM24.90

Western delight here may not be as outstanding as their Asian cuisine, but decently curated too. Chicken Lasagna, Salted Egg Spaghetti, Chicken Chop, Beef Steak, Lamb Chop, Poached Egg with Toast, The Avocado Toast, Smoked Salmon with Mushroom, Spaghetti Aglio Olio, Mushroom Carbonara Spaghetti and more are served all day long. Affordable in price, some are less than RM10 such as Scrambled Egg with Toast,Toast Bread with Half Boiled Egg and Sunny Side Up with Toast. Great as wallet-friendly breakfast options.

Pancake & Berries with Cream RM24.90

With such an extensive menu, Kanteen Plus still insists to make their own desserts instead of sourcing from other bakeries. Loud applause for their hardwork. From fluffy soft classic pancake made upon order to proudly made-in-house sweet treat like Banana Cake, Chocolate Mud Cake, Salted Caramel Cheese Cake, Brownies, Chocolate Durian Cake, Chocolate Banana Cake and Grace Lemon Cheesecake – pick your favourite to end your meal in a sweet note.

Durian Cheesecake RM14.90

Do check out their legendary Durian Cheese Cake. It may not have exceptionally beautiful plating but mind you, this is real good stuff. Delicately smooth and creamy, laced with natural sweetness of real durian. No sugar is used, not cloying at all even if you finish whole piece on your own. Even Summergirl who doesn’t fond of durian enjoy this a lot.

Breakfast, lunch, teatime of dinner – give Kanteen Plus a try the next time you are in Hartamas! Curry Fish Head and Durian Cheesecake are must-try!

Kanteen Plus
Plaza Damas,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 17,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 9.30AM – 10PM
Contact: 03 6211 0720
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kanteenplus/