BreadStory Anniversary Special with RM2.50 On All Buns

In 2002, BreadStory opened their first outlet in Mid Valley Megamall Kuala Lumpur. Since then, their gourmet breads, delicate pastries, handmade cookies, freshly baked muffins and designer cakes begin gaining attention, becoming favourites of many. By now, this household brand is one of the top bakery shops in Malaysia, with 20 outlets across the country, and still growing.

BreadStory Sunway Velocity and BreadStory MyTown are outlets that we frequent most. Choices are always wide with delicious baking goodness – from sweet buns to savoury breads, freshly baked loaves, desserts and cakes. Having hard time deciding which one to buy for our next day breakfast is a common to us, because all of them look so tempting!

Chicken Floss Bun RM3.70 – Signature of BreadStory, also the bread that makes BreadStory made its name. Freshly baked bun with a light cut at the center, squeeze on with BreadStory very own special cream, then topped generously with chicken floss, literally overflow. Enjoy the fluff, creaminess, sweet and savoury concoction all in one go.

Get them in original or spicy version – Flossy Hottie RM3.90.
Say that Flossy Sponge RM4.50 is the sister of Flossy Signature, not too wrong though. They are built with almost the same core elements, but replacing bun with spongy soft cake. Ahhh..look at the amount of chicken floss coated onto the cake.

Lava Croissant RM3.20, another best-seller in BreadStory. Flaky, buttery pastry, filled with creamy custard cream – so good that we can have 3 to 4 at a time. Like that it is smaller in size compared to normal butter croissant. Have less when we want to watch our weight, more on cheat days!

Red Chamber RM3.10 is always a great choice for patrons who love basic bread range. Red bean, sesame and bun – a taste that is simple at its best.

We didn’t realize that BreadStory has durian-filled bun! Look out for this Musang Durian RM4.80 in your next visit to BreadStory. Real durian filling, rich and intense in flavor but could be little sweet for some. But as you munch together with the bun, the sweetness is balanced out so no worries.

For sweet bun option, do try their Mixed Fruit Roll RM4.20 . Danish base, flavoured up with golden and black raisin, candied and glazed assorted cherries orange peel.

Smoke and Fire RM4, one of the top 10 Bestsellers in BreadStory. Combination of spicy chicken floss and turkey ham make the bread so flavourful, giving meatier bites too. Easily loved by both children and adults.

Other selections that is worth putting into your tray are Flossy Big Label RM5.70, Italian Tomato RM5.00, Custard Lave RM4.00, Flossy Twist RM4.10, Handcuff RM4.60, just to name a few. And not to forget C U Soon RM4.10 – the ikan bilis bun that you don’t see in every places.

Other than breads, BreadStory also has a cake menu where you can order for birthday celebration, anniversary or any other occasion. Everything is made with finest ingredients to ensure best quality. You can also get them by slice from their dessert counter if you are craving for sweet treat.

To celebrate BreadStory 15th Anniversary in Malaysia, BreadStory will be having s special promo on 14th and 15th October 2017. All breads will be priced at only RM2.50 in 16 participating outlets! 25% discounts on cakes too! A great deal that is not to be missed! Mark your calendar, get your tray ready and grab your favourites on these special promo days!

Check out BreadStory 15th Anniversary Special Promo Participated Outlets below:
1. Breadstory – 1 Utama Shopping Centre
2. Breadstory – Plaza OUG
3. Breadstory – Sunway Pyramid
4. Breadstory – The Gardens Mall
5. Breadstory – Leisure Mall
6. Breadstory – The Mines
7. Breadstory – Institut Jantung Negara
8. Breadstory – Sunway Putra Mall
9. Breadstory – Sungei Wang Plaza
10. Breadstory – Plaza Shah Alam
11. Breadstory – Subang Parade
12. Breadstory – IOI Mall
13. Breadstory – Sunway Velocity Mall
14. Breadstory – MyTOWN Shopping Centre
15. Breadstory – Empire City
16. Breadstory – IPC Shopping Centre